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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
I hate SITTING still !!!! I need to learn more about it and I've gotten better by using my Binoc's .. I've stll done better hikeing an stubling into them... I always talk about this but this year I'll do better planing my butt to the ground....

WHo likes which way and WHY ?
I like walking around , hunting season is the only time I really exercise.... occasionally I will sit for a little bit.. but i like to cover lots of ground....

I can sit still for quite awhile at times then I wake up. :D

I can do both and it mainly goes with what terrain and etc is like. Sitting still requires patience and staying motionless is quite the task. In the woods here in the east I like to still hunt at times because it means I am doing something and won't fall asleep.

The only spot and stalk I do is while road hunting
:eek: :D
What ever the situation dictates.
I like to run the hills and vally's looking. Then when game is found, to try and either work into them or it. Or to try and see if there is a pattern and set up accordingly, tree stand, ground blind, crawling on belly... :D
I do whatever I think is going to work best in that situation. I can sit all day if I have to, but I'd rather still hunt two or three steps at a time and look and listen for a few minutes before taking a couple more steps.
I am mainly a Ground Pounder so to speak.I love walking the hills,but I can sit for a while,but not too long.I am always wondering what is on the other side of that hill.I can probably sit for a half hour if need be but I dont care much for it :D
I need to work on my patience. If I am seeing game, I can sit and wait for it to come to me, if it's working out that way. But if I'm not seeing game, I don't want to sit and wait - I'm like Kraven. What's on the other side of the hill, and what am I missing? I have learned to slow down in my walking so I don't miss the buck, hog or bull that is hiding and waiting for me to move on. Or maybe I'm just getting older and move slower? ;) I do more glassing now when I get to the top of the hill or ridge, though.
I'm hoping to do more walking hunting here than in the deer stands back in IN!!! :D When I did some still hunting in IN I saw the most game while sitting. I would walk a short ways (maybe 30 yards or so) and either sit or stand next to a tree for a while then move on. However, all but one deer that I've killed has been from a treestand.
Sometimes I walk fast and cover a lot of acreage, then when I know there is game around I slow down to a snails pace. Other times it will take me hours to cover very little ground. But overall, it is go, go, go, go. Sit and watch on a ridge or hillside while or having some coffee and take a break.
I hustle over those areas that are not showing much or no sign, to almost a slow crawl or sit and watch nature when I get into those areas that show the promise. Good saying Ithica!!! :D
ithaca, we can learn alot from them ole sayings!:D

it really depends on what your hunting! to me anyway,;) i try to employ both methods whenever possible! the only animal that i spend alot of time still hunting is whitetails! & ocasionally turkies & sometimes bears over bait! other than that everything else is spot & stalk from slip hunting to aggressive hunting! like decoying, calling etc...

Oscar i can see right now im gonna have to nail your arse to the tree when ya come deer huntin with me! :D the biggest reason i dont like to slip or stalk hunt whitetails is because most of the deer i hunt live in smaller farmland woodlots and wont tolherate alot of unusual pressure, especially mature bucks ,im so anal about minimizing impact to my hunting areas that ive learned to scout from a distance via aerial maps, trail cams and spotting scopes also alot of legwork from local farm hands is very helpful!
When I was a younger and a less experienced hunter, I always walked too fast. I was trying to cover ground, thinking that I would see more game if I saw more area. Friends would tell me about all the game I walked past - especially deer that would hunker down and hide in the brush or grass. I learned that about the only game I did better on covering more ground was chukar!
Oscar reminded me of an old saying last year as one of his buddies was trying to slow the ole boy down a bit! HUNT SMARTER NOT HARDER this is one of those basic fundamentals we all tend to overlook while complicating ourselves with technology and gadgetry!
I think also that when running along and knowing what to look for, then slowing your pace to a walk or even a sit that may last hours looking for what you know is in there. It takes years to know the difference. You can hunt very hard, but need to know when to stop. It also depends upon your environment. Out here you can't just sit in one spot and hope, unless you have already done the leg work and found this as a good spot all of the time. Elk don't live on the premis that they stay in one place to long...
They move all of the time and if you arn't ready to get up and move also. You will be left holding a tag and no elk....
I fully understand also that white tails can be patterned very well. Muly's can't, as with elk... :D
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