Spring Turkey Hunting in the afternoon/evening


Feb 23, 2013
Pine Grove PA
Hunting after 12pm here in PA is a relatively new thing, Im wondering what kind of techniques you guys use to hunt gobblers after 12? Seems like patterning is the predominant game plan here in PA.
If you have spots where you know there are birds just get set up like you would earlier in the day and do some light calling and be patient. We can hunt up here in MI until almost roost time in the evening and I've taken birds that late in the day. I didn't even go out until the middle of the morning last Wednesday, went down in a low, wet area below the north end of a field where a farmer was planting soybeans on the south end and called in a bird and got him in less than 15 minutes. Once hens go to the nest to lay an egg or are on their nest incubating eggs it's much easier to call in a gobbler.
Tom's are normally on the prowl because the hens have ditched them and sitting on eggs. Great time to call and decoy. More times than not the Tom's show up around their roosting area first waiting on the hens to show so get there before them and let a few yelps out.