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  • Thank you tiger 77 and Southwind for the info, I have been looking into huntin on Fort Riley. Any info that you can give me on Fort Riley, either good or bad, would be most appreciated.

    I just found out that one of my budddies has a cousin that lives near Junction City and works on the Fort, but I want as much info as I can obtain.

    Also, do you fellas know anything about the Tuttle Creek WMU?
    Sorry for the late responce. I would suggest you concentrate on 16 just because 18 gets a lot of press and is going to be more crowded. Biggest thing will be to get a WIHA map when the new one comes out. Usally in early September. That big WIHA area in 16 I have never hunted but have walked it and there are plenty if deer there you are just going to want to get as far off the roads as possible. There are a couple of small WIHA areas by Waldren I have hunted and that area is loaded with deer but they get pushed around a lot. After you get the new WIHA atlas then go to Google earth and check them out.

    You are going to have competition down there so some times finding the out of the way areas may be an advantage.

    Good luck.
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