Speed vs. Weight


Dec 9, 2000
Let it be known that I am not a speed freek when it comes to a bow.
I don't use an overdraw,tried one and took it off.
Don't shoot carbon arrows, with 100 grain broadheads.
I like to shoot an aluminum arrow that is on the light side for my setup and normally use heads over 125 grains in weight.
I shoot my bow at 68 pounds winter and summer.I use to shoot 72 but found 4 pounds is a lot when I have a lot of clothes on in colder weather.
I would consider myself to lean more toward arrow weight than arrow speed.




Ooooh yea!Tried the overdraw,took it off.Give me full length arrows,130 grain broadheads,and five inch feathers.And screw those mechanical broadheads.

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Ditto here no over draw. I shoot 2315s with 125 Steel Force heads and 4in feathers 525gr @ about 255 for elk. For Antelope & Deer 430gr carbons with 125 3 blade Muzzys & 4in feathers @ 270. If I could get a carbon around 460 grains that would be perfect, them carbons are tough arrows.
There is an obvious tradeoff between speed adn weight. They thing I like about bows is that there are so many ways to alter either so you get exactly what you want out of your bow. I myself shoot an overdraw and mechanicals. This setup has worked well for me on deer. However, I love to tinker. I am thinking of switching to full length carbons and Muzzy heads. Just to see the performance difference.
Rich in Col.
Try Acc 3-60's. cut at 29 1/4" with 125 grn bradheads, and 3, 4"vanes. This will put you at 460 grns. This is what I personaly shoot. I did have a couple finished arrows come in at 458 but I think it's close enough. I have had complete passthroughs on every elk I have shot even out to 43yrds. Good luck!
I have been thinking about try some ACC's man they are pricey, but I have never heard a bad thing about them. Since I use feathers thats where I lose a lot of weight. I'm also thinking about Eastons Carbon Evolution I can get to 450 grains with feathers.
Rich, I know what you mean. I use to be a co-op shooter for a local pro shop. I use to get every thing @ cost + 10% I paid 80.00 for a doz. Acc's. Well I stopped shooting in 96' luckily I bought 1 doz. just before I stopped. Thoes 12 arrows lasted me for 4 years and 5 animals. I still have 4 but I like to have at least 6 for the season so last year I went to aluminums. This year I will be switching back to carbons. Not sure which ones yet but I think carbons are they way to go if you have enough green backs.
great topic! should i practice or buy a faster flatter shooting bow! unfortunately this is what is happening, alot of guys are putting to much emphasis on speed then weight.The biggest problem i see is that guys do alot of their field testing at a range or when shooting targets where penetration is difficult to determine.Speed is king at 3d shoots and spot shoots and that is perfectly fine for archers to shoot what ever weight arrows they want for these activities but hunting with a bow is a whole different story!.The average archers hunt with the very same bow they shoot at 3d tournamens and that isnt always acceptable. EXAMPLE: i have a friend who shoots 3d shoots alot and is very good! he shoots a lighter weight bow (which is more comfortable to shoot) and lighter arrows for flatter trajectory this set-up works well for 3d's and tournaments but,for hunting he shoots heavy aluminum arrows and a heavier bow which he doesnt shoot as well as the other bow! MY ARGUMENT: when do you want accuracy while hunting or while target shooting?!?!? of course BOTH but more so while hunting for obvious reasons this is more of a widespread problem than one might think! great shooters arent always great hunters!

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DKO: I here you. When I shoot a 3d event I'm shooting just to see if I can make a killing shot, and when I do hit the 12 ring its by mistake. Most the hunters shooting at 3ds with their 3d rig don't even relize that the scoring circle on a 3d are not the best spots to hit on live game. So for me I want my accuracy in the field where you do not get to many second chances.
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