Some Sheds I Have ( pics)


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May 12, 2002
Wyoming SOON!
Here is a giant typical. 15 3/8 inch G4's. 19 4/8 G2's. I put him around 202 typical my buddy has the other side he found last year. When i move back i might put it on a head mount.
Here is about 208 n/t w/o deductions. I have two years of him this one and the year before. My cousin found his sheds this year and is giving them to me when i move back to Wyoming. He said they will go around 220 n/t. Has a 4" dropper on the right and is a 11 x 9. Cant wait ot post them puppies.

Here is a young buck that i watched shed here in another year i'am going to find his sheds and i bet they will be enormous. He goes around 180 gross right now and is maybe a 3 1/2 yr old buck. While watching him i thought for sure he might have been 2 1/2 yrs old. He is about 30 inches wide. No one shed hunts where this deer is. I mean it is WAY out in the boonies where there isnt many deer so people dont waste there time.

later, MM
Idaho Ron,

I could tell by his body posture and size.
I could also tell from many years of heading out on the winter range looking at deer. Another thing i might add into the equation of finding his age was his dominance ( body posture ) around older, larger size bucks.

later, MM
The reason I ask is I have seen muledeer that I would call dwarfs. Their ears only spread 18" or less. These bucks have 4 points the whole nine yards. A friend of mine shot one I think several years ago. The buck was a small deer in body size. Not much mass to his antlers, his ears were around 18" wide tip to tip I think. He measured I think 165 or 168. If I remember right he was aged by the game department at over 8 years old. This buck should have been in his prime. But this area is not know to put out MONSTERS. I have also seen older bucks "back down" their posture to younger bucks.
If you say he is 2 1/2 You would know better than I. But I have seen lots of deer and to tell you plane honest it takes time and genes to grow a set like that. I would hesitate to say he was 2.5 until I had his jaw in hand. If he was 2.5 OH MAN that one is goint to be huge. Keep us posted if he shows back up next year. Ron
Idaho Ron,

I know exactly what you are talking about. The area has the gene big time! And i have also seen his footprint in the snow. Sometimes age is hard to determine but i would put the title to my truck on it he was 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 yrs old. I still think the buck was atleast 2.5 yrs old. His body hasnt begun to grow into his legs, neck was long and kinda thin. He hasnt been rutting so he isnt dominate. He was jsut a really young deer. And if i end up finding the next few years of his sheds you'll see what i mean. I know he has blowed up in antler size.

later, MM
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