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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Who Tests For CWD ? We're in a area they Recomend to check. Just wwondering what others do in Colorado.
I'd get it tested if I were you, but only if Wylee was willing to pack out the head for me. ;)

Seriously, I've gotten mine tested the last couple of years, just because. Just think, if you shoot that trophy forkhorn and it turns out he has CWD, you get your bankroll back!

Thanx Oak.. My Worries was the Time frame. We'll have to see how it goes. GEting reimbursed would be cool though :D
My question is "who tests anywhere??" Probably not a bad idea though I haven't started slobbering and running into walls yet (at lest since college....) When I hunted the Casper area the last time I thought about it (but didn't). Now our DFG is offering free testing to like the first 50? deer in each of the northern CA zones.
I'd also get it tested if I were in one of those units. I hunt SW Colorado, CWD will be here before you know it. But as of yet there haven't been confirmed cases in my unit.
I hunt one of the units with the heaviest concentration of CWD but never get em tested. 1000's of deer have been shot there over the years and not one person has come up with and kind of illness linked to CWD. Its harmless... to humans.
Up here I don't worry at all...
I am with Deer King on this one..
You can drop it off at Utah St. on your way back if you'd like, I know they test. I think all they need is the head/brain.
Er....Moosie.....I think 1_pointer is setting you up.....just certain parts part of a deer or elk harvested in a CWD unit in Colorado can be brought into Utah and any other you will be paying a pretty hefty fine (Hunters who do take animals in these areas will be allowed to bring the following animal parts into Utah:

1. meat that is cut and wrapped either commercially or privately;
2. quarters or other portions of meat with no part of the spinal cord or head attached;
3. meat that is boned out;
4. hides with no heads attached;
5. skull plates with antlers attached that have been cleaned of all meat and tissue;
6. antlers with no meat or tissue attached;
7. upper canine teeth, also known as buglers, whistlers, or ivories; or
8. finished taxidermy heads.
.....Good try for bringing money into the Utah Fish and Game budget 1_pointer.

Thanks for the correction. I didn't mean to lead a stray, just that I know that USU is testing for CWD.
I get em all checked regardless of where I shoot em. Moosie, they can get the test samples without keeping your animal..

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