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Dec 10, 2000
Menard, Texas,USA
I get all kinda "tall tales"here in the gun shop. I just had a guy in that claimed to have killed an 800 pound cow in New Mexico. I get guys in all time that have killed a bull " that weighed a thousand pounds"!!!!! I have been around elk a long time and have never seen but one cow that weighed 700 pounds. Most BIG cows weigh 500-600 pounds. I have only see one bull that weighed over a thousand pounds and he was so fat he could hardly walk. Most big bulls weigh 700-800 pounds. Has anyone here acctually taken and weighed one of these 800 pound cows or 1000 pound bulls?? Ol Bob
Hell BOB, I shoot Spikes that weight 1,500# on the Hoof

Buuuahahaahah !!!
Bob, Six years ago on the White Mountain Apache Res. I shot a cow that at first we thought was a small bull. We had to get a visual confirmation on this animal to be sure is was a cow. After we trimmed all the meat off of this cow, it only wieghed 225 pounds. If you use the standard 33% rule. That wouold have made this cow about 675 pounds. That's smaller than average for a bull. I think the comparison between the big cow and the normal cows gave the impression that she was really larger than she apppeared. Before we weighed the meat, I would have sworn that she weighed at least 900 to 1000 pounds. After weighing the meat and checking that against the weight of the meat on a small bull, I can see that she probably wieghed closer to 650 or 700 pounds.

But then there was always the 1500 pound bull that Del almost hot in Texas......

my nefew an 4 other guys swears the cow he shot weighed 800 lbs i got a pic last week an its the skinnyist(sp)cow i ever seen