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Since were posting lope pictures


New member
Sep 23, 2003
Long Beach, MS.
Here are 3 antelope that some clients shot Oct. 2 & 3rd. in west Texas in Borden County. All free ranging. The guy and the blonde hair lady both passed on low 80's bucks the first day hoping for a giant because of the size of the goats on this ranch and then the man missed one somewhere from 88 to world record size the next day right before he shot the 80-1/8. The Brunette took her 82-5/8 within the first hour of her hunt. The Blonde ended up should have shot the big one the first day but she still killed a heck of a goat the second day. I wish they would had sillouetted the horns a little better so you could see the length and mass better.

The Blonde's scored 76-6/8
The man's scored 80-1/8
The Brunette's scored 82-5/8