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Sika meat hunt. NZ


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Oct 16, 2014
Turangi, New Zealand
I was down to only venison mince left in my freezer and had just finished fitting and zeroing in my .338 fed with a new Boyd thumbhole stock so a perfect time for a meat hunt.

Mid Winter here now and the forecast was for 50kmph SW wind but clear and sunny. (SW is a cold biting wind down here)

Picked a spot to go that had some nice sheltered sunny faces.

Not too far from my destination I saw what I thought was a pair of ears in the scrub about 400 meters away, looked through the binos and sure enough it was a hind.
Turned my vid cam on and scanned trying to pick her up again, got a glimpse so I decided to get closer.
Tia (my indicator dog) new something was up and was getting excited as we snuck in to 200 meters.
Set my camera up on it's monopod, gave a few mews with the XT caller and out she popped, lined the camera up did a couple more chirps and she stepped into an open spot quartering on...
Lined the cross hairs up inside the point of her left shoulder, breathed out, squeezed the trigger..Boom..saw her tip over in the scope and heard a good whack...awesome.
Looked at my camera and realised I hadn't hit record!!
Tia did her job and found the hind quick, would have been a pain without a good dog.
Very large Sika hind (possibly a hybrid cross Red deer) and great freezer filler!

Cool video, thanks. I hunt a there a bit too, magic spot when the weather is good.
Enjoyed the video, Looks like you have done that a few times.

Your dog was impressive. You could searched for days without that dog.
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Very nice! What breed of dog is that?

In New Zealand she would be called a Bitsa, bit of this bits of that ;)
Bearded Huntaway (nz sheep dog) cross with a Lockley (NZ specialist pig hunting breed)

Very lucky here we can use dogs for pointing or indicating and after shot tracking, it sure makes life much easier when your deer goes down in the thick stuff or blood tracking one that hasn't dropped straight away.

Heya "Kiwi" would be a good layer of snow up there today, fair bit of snow last night, it is half way down Mt Pihanga
Good to hear about the snow, I bet the ski fields are pleased! I normally only hunt up there in the spring and summer but would love to have a look around when the snow is there. Guess the animals will be still there somewhere.

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