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Great video..Had to upload every thing to get to see it..Worth the wait...Thanks..

That was a awesome site you have with all the pics and the cool videos. You guys live
in the most beautifull country in the world.
Do you guys have any sheep or goats pics to post? Just curious.
I'm glad you guys like the video. It's a big hobby for me.

I have photos and video of sheep and goats around here somewhere S O. I'll see what I can dig up.
MAN.. I'm stoked !!!! Nice pictures bro !! Hopefully later this year I'll ahve somethnig to share !!!
Alasken, first off your website, videos, and stills flat out kick butt. Man, I enjoyed that! The worst part about my trip to Alaska a couple years ago was getting back on the plane to head home. I love Montana, but I was having such a great time in Alaska I wasn't ready to quit. The only thing one good trip to Alaska accomplishes is the need to plan a return trip ASAP!!! Hey, those looked like some nice chubby black bears in the photos how big were the skulls on those two black bear?
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