Sharpies to help pass the time.

Big Sky

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Dec 22, 2000
A Warmer Climate
Weekend fun. Hunting sharptail grouse while anxiously awaiting the rifle big game season. Birds sort'a help pass the time. If nothing else I like the way the photo turned out with this limit of grouse.
Excellent picture Troy.

Do you have a deer tied up yet? Antler growth is very good around here this year, I am guessing you are seeing some nice bucks as well.

There I go turning this into a deer thread. Sorry.

Nice birds, looks like your upland gun is similar to mine. Gets used for everything.
No problem I'd rather talk deer than birds anyway. Yup the bucks look great this year both deer and antelope. It should be a very good year.

That poor shotgun of mine has seen way more use and abuse than a gun should, but it just keeps on shooting. I use the camo tape anymore as much to hide the wear as to tone down the glare. I got this 870 Wingmaster when I was 12 and it has served me well. That makes 27 years in the field and going strong.
MT & BS you guys make me salivate, with those grouse. I live in Az. You guys have shot more grouse in a limit, than I have shot here in my life time. If I lived were you guys did there would be a population decline on those birds. Nice shooting and keep the pictures coming of both small and large game. Maybe some pheasants? Good Luck, JLG.
Hey Big Sky

Awesome pictures , keep-em coming.
You guys have it preety good hunting from what im seeing.. Hope to some day do a combo hunt in Montana.. Have a brother in law in Thompson Falls... Good luck this year.
You appear to be as good with a camera as you are with a pencil. Awesome pic, congrats on the birds!
I have never done the upsdide down and hang them on the fence trick. That is a cool picture, and I think MTMiller did one with the fence hanging....

I do have a picture of my pants hanging on the Barb Wire while pheasant hunting, but that is another story...
Nice work, and great picture Big Sky! Looks like good grouse and antelope country.