ScreaminReel's deer hunt.


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Mar 28, 2001
Ohio but my heart is always in the woods
Well I went in Vipe's place because Screaming Reel was using a muzzleloader for the primitive(BP and archery) deer hunt at a willife refuge.
So SR and I left at 430 am EST for the 85 mile drive to the refuge. As we are arriving at 6 am we see a car in the ditch. They hit a deer as they were going to hunt. Lucky guys.

Okay we check and blah blah blah.

As we are getting to an open field,we startled a few deer. So we slowly let them get settled down a bit. I check my watch and it is 10 minutes before legal shooting time. So we slowly move a little farther forward and get ready for a shot at the start of it. Sr is ready and is about to shoot. I syop him with 2 minutes to go for two reasons. It wasnt time and it was too dark to judge the yardage.( I thought they were around 70 yards but I have been know to be wrong) So the deer finally had enuff of us and left the other way.

So we go one and get into another area. Then move on from that one.

Then I am in a fence row while SR is on the other side of a brushpile. Bang from the north of us. Then I see about 8 deer coming toward us. I whisper loudly to SR that deer are coming. He doesnt see them and starts coming to me inseadt of around the brush pile. I stop him because of the twigs and branches. Of course the deer go farther away from us. But I tell SR to get in the open becasue he will have a shot. They come out into the clearing and he whistles and tehys stop. "pop"...oh chit a misfire. I start coming to him because I had the stuff neeeded.(pack mule Dad). They leave of course.

So I just tell him that we will wait there and see what happens. In around 10 minutes I seea deer headed right at the same opening. I tell SR that he will have a good shot if patient and to be ready. He doesnt see it like I do. Then when it is ready to come right at him. SR moves to get a better position. oops.... so it goes away from us in the field not certain what is up. So a whistle stops it at 40 yards. SR fires BAMMM. Deer jumps and I thought he hit it at first. But then I saw that it was fine and no blood was showing as it left. So I load it up for him and go and make sure it was a clean miss. this was all before 9am.

Then at around 11 am we are set up in a patch of woods in the field on the other side. I see a deer runnig across field at 300 yards. too far.,
Then just a little later there is a deer 15 yards away from us at our left. SR sees it and is getting ready to shoot it. But when he lifts the hammer to full kock it heARS the click of it and starts away. SR whistles it to stiop and fires at same time. Of course he was leading it at the time and it stops immediately. I see where the bullet hits and know it passed right in front of it. The deer goes back the same way it came.

Then after we eat SR has a chance at a couple of deer but thought they were too far for him to shoot. hehe I would have tried.

Then at the end of the day(we had to stop at 4pm) We heard some firing and then I saw some hunters in other field. So I just was standing watching for anything to come our way. Then SR said "turn around Dad". I do and there is a deer headed straight at me. Luckily my movement startled it and it goes the other drirection . SR starts after it and I follow. The deer is limping and acting hurt. It then gets into a creek (breaking the ice) As it is in fencerow it beds down. I believe that it is already hit by other hunters. SR is at 30 yards from it and has a clean shot at it. I tell him "no". Itis their deer and let them finish it off. We point it out to them and they fire as it is running away. I chat with them for a couple and they follow the deer(theses were amish hunters bytw). Well I look to see if there was any bllod and didnt find any. The deer wasnt hit at that time. Then after hearing them fire 3 more times I start still hunting back to car. We were beat. I get to station and the amish people get there at same time. They got the deer and it was a button buck.

It was the youths 3rd deer this season. I then see what section they were suppose to be in. They were listed for another section. Boy do I get pissed. mainly at myself for not letting SR shoot. Isay a couple of thisng to wildlife officer and leave. WE get home around 6pm and both of us crash!

It was a great day I shared with my oldest son. I am glad he had so much action yeaterday and I got to share it with him.
That is a hell of a story. Sounds like there was plenty of action throughout the day. So was that the only opportunity for the hunt, or does Screamin' have another chance? Is this an any deer hunt?
Nut you had an awesome hunt with your boy glad you got to share it with him.You guys got lots of time to whack a deer just be patient man.
mtmiller is a 1 day hunt only. They have numerous hunts for youth and women. You enter a draw by the end of July. It doesnt cost anything for the youth hunts to apply and $3 for the women.Us Dad's and husbands just get to tag along for fun. (I like it that way.) Vipe got drawed for the youth hunt and signed it over to me because of the muzzleloader SR used.

Kraven....the thing is I am patient

Meathead..... I sure do have more fun with my boys than I could have had by myself.
Congrats on the great day, Nut! Lots of shootin', better luck next time on the killin'!

Hey Nut...
As usuall..
You take every thing in stride and make an adventure out of it..Very cool!!!
That sounds like a good hunt to me.
Lot's of action,sorry about the miss

That really make's you feel bad (I know SR I have been there) But you'll connect.
You guy's had more action then alot of people get.
Way to go to Nut & Screaminreel.
Yes we have MD. I figured out today that on a whole we have had 20 chances at taking a deer this year.
Only took 2 but wow look at the fun we have had.
biggrin.gif ya know it is the hunt that matters.
You are a fortunate man Nut to spend as much time hunting with your family as you did. I would say that you had a very successful hunting season.
Dam Nut,
Sounds like ya'll should have been sittin with a scattergun and some triple aught buck or something!!!
Sounds like ya'll had a great and truly exciting hunt!! Hat's off to you and screeminreel!!! Sounded like you gav'em hell! Great story!

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