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Scoring Bucks ... TAKE 1


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Dec 9, 2000
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OK, This is going to be like My "HOW WIDE IS THE MOOSE" game I played last year before going to AK... I need someone to post a Picture, a mount, a live deer, a friends deer, whatever.

Then, Let's guess the "SCORE" of the Deer. I want to guess the Width, the Height, then the Score, and How ya Got there. I suck at Scoring, I tell the wife I'm packing 10". That's thrown off my whole scoring real #'s game ;) I'm gonig to steal a Picture browtine posted and I know the Exact score isn't known, but I'd like to hear from the "EXPERTS" what they think it would.


Who will be the First to Toss out the #'s ?!?!?

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LOL, I'm guessing there is only about 4 people that know how to Score on this board... None have stepped up to the Plate yet ... I'm also guessing that buck is closer to 20" the 24", but what do I know.

Moosies in Class, Waiting for the Teacher :D :D
I have a 23" buck here and the mount with the ears spread just like the one pictured. the Antlers dont extend pass the ears and are actually inside more than whats pictured.

I was always told that the ears are 20-24" apart when spread like the above pic.

Well, I'm no expert but am a measurer. My guess is it's a young buck with smaller ears, so I'd say he's 20-21" wide at best. He's got short main beams and will probably gross only about 138-140" and net between 132"-134". Just my .02 though.

BOHNTR )))-------------->
See, thats what I'm looking for... A deer judging/scoreing 101
If I'm not mistaken, Deer ears are around 20" (in General) tip-tip ? I'm going off a 6" head dim, and asumeing ears are 'bout 7"s ?? (PS, Anyone can Correct me, not that I need to say that with this croud though :D )

The rack looks almost as Tall (or taller a bit) as it does wide but the Forks are in Different spots in the top. Going off of BoHntr's deduc's I'd of thought there might be a Hair more then the 4-6"s. But I don't score them.

Whats the Guess on the Main Beam length ? My guess is around the 14-15" mark ? Slightly smaller then the 16-17" inside Spread width.

Does someone Have a Buck that they took Pictures of "LIVE" or shot Vid clips of that they can Post, and then shot the Deer and Measured it ? Heck, Even a little 140 class buck for Starters would be cool to judge :D
Until TE got his buck I had no clue on how to score a rack except in cup size. :D

But since I saw it I have learned a bit. I had thought that it was a bout 18 inches by the ears but that is for the whitetail. Mule deer have bigger ears and it is about 20 in general?
A mature mule deer will have ears that range in size from 22-26 inches. This guy looks like he's really young and still has a lot of growing left to do. I'd probably put his ears at the 18-19 inch range. For a young buck he's got some good height, but he lacks the deep forks that really add to the score. I'd guess him to be in the low 140 gross range.
Here's a buck I helped my buddy take in 2001. I know some of you know the score on this buck but for those who don't, what are your guesses? How wide is he? Is he a Keeper or would you have let him walk? why?

Oscar that bucks around 145. I'd shoot him.

BCBOY, that one looks like 170+ and I'd shoot him too.

I'm probably way off though.
TK, It's east yo say 140(ish) when someone else says it... I'm just curious how you got that number besides a total Flat out guess :D :D

Elkchasr, I agree these boys are showing Little dinks, Show them what a "REAL" deer looks like !!!
G1s...0" Total
G2s...30" Total
G3s...15" Total
G4s...15" Total
MBs...35" Total
Mass..35" Total
IS....15" Total

There ya go Moosie....that's how I figured it up. I was just takin rough guesses. Unlike some of the guys that get it to the exact 1/8"

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BCboys buck
I have no idea how to score a buck, but I'll gess

23" wide, scores in the mid 160s gross, net 155
When I try and guess the score I use the spread as a reference for the rest of the measurements. I assume that young deer have an ear tip to tip spread of about 20-22” mature deer will go 22-26.

I’ll take a stab at the first little buck. I would say that he’s about 19” wide inside and has an ear spread of about 22”. His main beams are about 16”, no G-1’s, the shortest G-2 looks to be about 10 inches but its really hard to tell from that angle, it could sweep back. The shortest G-3 looks about 6 inches, shortest G-4 is about 7”. Lastly I’ll give him an average 3 inches in mass for all measurements of one side for a total of 12”. Add all the shortest numbers together and one side mass measurement, multiply by two and add the inside spread. I get roughly 51” for one side times 2 for 102 plus 19” spread for a net score of 121” and would probably gross around 140. I’d let him walk for a few years.

BCBOYS buck is a NICE one… Again I’ll guesstamate the shortest points, add them together, multiply by two, then add the spread. I would say around 24” mains, 3” G-1, 15” G-2, 10” G-3, 11” G-4, and mass of 5, 4.5, 4, 4 for a total of 17.5” Inside spread of about 22” , then throw in the non typ lengths of 9”. A typ score of 183 minus the 9” non typ for a net typ score of 174, or a net non typ score of 192. A very nice buck.
This is a first. Field scoring a dink! I wouldn't know where to start other than.....

"He's too freakin' small! Walk away and let him live you trigger happy bambi killer"

1 1/2 year old buck about 19-20 inches wide.

Is this some of that "junior college psych class crap" trying to get me to post the photo of a buck worthy of field judging? This just might work. ;)

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