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schnee's or bean boots


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Feb 3, 2003
indiana no more
anybody know how schnee's non insulated guide boots compare to llbeans maine shoe. the schnee is 110$ compared to 80 for the beans. is the extra 30$ worth it, or should i stick with the bean. thanks. twodot
twodot, not sure on the uninsulated schnees, but a few of my buddies run the insulated schnees, they really like them. I've looked them over and thought about them myself, but settled on the almost identical whites.

I'd have to go out on a limb and say you'd be happy with the schnees...not saying the others wouldnt be as good.
twodot.....The Schnees are twice the boot as the Beans......L.L.Bean has gone the route of Eddie Bauer, and are more name than don't want to support a bunch of Damn Yankees, do you?

Oh yeah, did I say Schnees? I have had the 14" Outfitters for about 8 years, and I look forward to the weather getting just a bit cooler, so I can start hunting in them. They are the best built boots made, period. If you have to pay an extra $80 for them, buy them, they are still a bargain.

The Whites seem a bit heavier, the toe is a bit wider, so a bit harder to get in and out of the stirrups, and not as nice for bouldering, in my opinion. One of my buddies wore out his Schnees, which he loved, and due to the fact he wears Whites year round, he went with their packs, and he regrets it. He can't wait for them to wear out, so he can go back to the Schnees.
well it looks like the schnees will be the ones. been wantin an excuse to try them for a couple of years and your response has put me over the edge. i must be gettin weird in my old age, i get as much pleasure out of buying a good pair of boots as i do buying a gun. thanks guys, twodot
If you buy the LL Beans, you won't be supporting yankees, you will be supporting Koreans!!! And no the quality just is'nt there anymore. Real happy with my Schnee,s.
now the wife is wanting a pair for bow season too, wonder if they give a discount for volume buyers. if they are half as good as everyone says we'll be happy. thanks guys. twodot
got no problem with whites, but i didn't know that they made an un-insulated rubber bottom pack. am i missing something? tell me more. twodot
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