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Schmalts scores 2 hogs!!


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Aug 22, 2002
Last nite to hunt, i get a nice tusker boar with the bow. I had to get back to LA by morning so after i did all the dragging and skinning and meat prepping i got in the car and headed for LA. got there 3AM and got a room. I am home now but beat, so i will post the story and a bunch of pictures tommorrow. I forgot my camera in the car so i didnt get a nice field photo of the second pig. I do have to say this, DO NOT BUY rocky mountain broadheads called revolution.
The first shot was with thier "snyper" tips. good hit, decent penetration. I found the pig still staggering and knocked up one of my 2 remaining arrows with "revolution" tips. The first shot went in about 2" and the second went in about 4". those things suck.
Anyway it was a 200lb+ boar(second pig). what a hoot.

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Congrats and thanks for the heads up on the broadheads.
WHATS up with HOG hunting and Forgetting camera's
Between you and T-bone

Congrats MAN !!!
Dont worry moosie, the meatpole pics of the second hog i was wearing my favorite hat... By the way,I am still waiting for a couple for the Photo contest
Just kidding, i know i never emailed you to claim any prizes but i should, the guy that took the pics is hounding me for a hat.
The field pic of the first pig i didnt have a hat on because it was almost 80 out.
You will get the whole story and pics tonight, stay tuned
Send the Addy.. hat will be on it's way

I'll jsut sit here paciently for the story... OK, No I won't I got things to do
Will check back later !!!!
Wow, a 250 lb boar, that sounds awesome. And you did it with the bow, that is awesome. Congratulations, can't wait for the pictures!
Hi guys,I had a big story and a lot of pics posted but changed it a bit to disquise the area a little because I didnt want anyone like outfitters and others in general to know the area due to poaching and tresspassers. I guess its really bad in that area with poachers and poor ethics with hunters. I just deleted the posts in respect for the landowners privacy and wish i knew there was such a population of un-ethicle hunters in the area before i posted anything. So now heres a few pics of both of my pigs and we will leave it at that. The sow was a gun kill and the boar was a bow kill. the tusks grew a little funky on the boar for some reason . i am guessing the weights but look at the photos and tell me what you think. For reference i am 6'1" and 230lbs
Bigtusker, your a pig hunter with your own land, do you have problems with poachers out there in the hollister area?
I guess now i heard it from a different landowner first hand i now know why you only do archery hunts. It sucks when idiots give other hunters bad raps, i wish we had more hunters with more brains. I guess there is a lot of late night hunters in Ca.




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