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Saying Hi


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Sep 14, 2002
Dedided to finally quit lurking and start posting over here. I've been a memeber for a while and for some reason never fealt the need to chime in. I also post over at MM as IDkTm and know some of you from there. I'm not much of an elk killer(only one cow in 10 yrs), but I hunt for them like crazy. Also do some mulie and whitetail hunting once elk season is over. So theres my little intro...
Well, Anyone that Likes Elk is Welcome here !!

(Actually we welcome anyone that wants to Post anything but my opening phrase sounded better

Welcome to the "Darkside" my friend !!!!! I'm guessing my days at mm.com is limited
Welcome to the site. I to have come over from the other side and his one here you can relax a bit on and enjoy the humor also in hunting. Sounds like a good bunch of guys to have around a campfire sometime. Hell Moosie keep up the good work on the other one as it gives em all something to do and keeps them thinking. Always enjoy your humor and your huntin pics. You da man!

Happy trails
Welcome aboard Tone. Hopefully we will now have an Idaho boy with some sanity.
Thanks guys. I'll try my best to fit in with the rest and up hold the reputation of this site.


We're Outnumbered on this site with us Idaho Boys against the rest of the world... think you can Help round up a Few and get things going ? these Back east boys and califonicators are outnumbering us by 10-1, And being from the Hicks EYE Ken't Keep UP

To everyone else, I make Serious posts sometimes.. So....
Welcome, you will also notice that those over here are not as anal as those, say at 24hour, little tougher skin over here. Not as prone to get their feelers hurt.