Rancho cat quiver???????


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Jun 28, 2004
I shoot a Martin Prowler solo cam and my quiver was making noise so I took it off and shot it without a quiver, boy did my groups tighten up, and my bow was so quiet. So I was looking at the Rancho cat quivers. I will be hunting elk (rut, spot and stalk) and whitetails (trestands) here in Montana. Anybody got any ideas like them? I have a nice day pack non-typical by crooked horn outfitting can you get just the quivers that could hook on to it?? Thanks Jerry
I have not owned one, but I hunted with a guy that tried one. In the steep elk hills, slips and falls are not uncommon. The quiver sat low on his back. He bent a few arrows by falling on it and he switched back to a bow quiver.
I went the cheap route and bought a hip quiver attachment from Bohning. It attaches to your belt and allows you to use your existing quiver. It swivels out of the way so it's fairly unobtrusive and works well, though I haven't used for hunting in steep country. I loved it for treestand hunting as I could just strap the belt with the quiver to the tree to get it out of the way. Shooting a bow without a quiver is mucho better IMO.
I use the same daypack from Crooked Horn Outfitters. I bought the small four arrow hip quiver from PSE. It is designed to attach to your belt. I just unscrewed the belt loop and lashed it to my pack on the side. I have hunted spot and stalk antelope, mule deer and elk with this setup and it has worked well.
IPH, I like that idea. I HATE hip quivers for hunting! It seems like they are always catching on brush or hitting my leg.

I currently use a bow quiver but am going to try lashing my quiver to my day pack when I get home tonight. The only problem I see with that is that sometimes when I get on a stalk I will drop my pack...

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