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Question for Montana hunters

JB Florida

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Dec 9, 2000
Florida/Gulf ShoresAlabama
I want to put in for archery elk, Is it possible to combine antelope in the same area? It looks as though last season, the dates worked, but is one zone better to go for both? I've been reading up on the block management and best I can tell the info is never ready till REALLY close to time to GO!
I'm shooting pretty good at 45yds in this wind at the beach, but I hope to stretch it to 55!
JB, the archery season for deer, elk, and antelope all occur at the same time in MT.

So, yes its possible. You may have to do some serious driving from one part of the state to another, depending on where you want to hunt each critter.
I've been starting to stomp over as much as the state as the season allows over the years. I still haven't made a dent in it, and as Buzz say's there is a lot of ground out here to cover… I haven't seen to many places that the elk will be that there are antelope, the mulies seem to be in all of it. But as we said, it is a big state, and as of right now, I couldn't tell you where to find all three in one place. Now if you make sure you get a 900 area permit for the speed goats, it really leaves most of the state open to where ever you want to go for those...: D
I had to hope though guys

I'm gonna give them a ring on tuesday and see if ranges overlap anywhere.
The only thing on mts site is deer elk combo for 2003. All else is 2002

The season is long on MT, and it looks like I can fit in a second hunt even if I draw elk in NM.

So there is all kinds of driving no matter what!
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