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question for Idaho residents


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Dec 17, 2000
Selah, Washington
I was looking in the newspaper today and they were saying there is a bunch of non resident tags left 2300 elk tags and 8000 mule deer tags. Then i went to idaho fish and game and saw this page.
Where are these areas and are they any good for deer and elk. Thanks for the info. I see where the clearwater unit is, is that any good and what about the pan handle up north. is that any good for elk hunting.

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The never sell out of clearwater deer tags. In fact I will be inthat area to hunt whitetails this fall. It is a great area to hunt whitetails. Awesome.

I don;t believe they ever sell out of Panhandle elk tags either but I am not sure. I have a friend who lives in St. Maries and he has never told me so.
That is regular (SLASH) clear()ater tags.... the Clear()ater and regular tags are sold as the same I think.. It isn't "GENERAL CLEAR()ATER" just need to clarify if you're going up north "CLEAR()ATER" or central or south or the rest of the state (GENERAL).

I alays get a general tag and can hutn like 50 billion units ;) It's jsut a general tag that is over the counter.. ANd I haven't been folloing them that long.. but in the last 3 years there is ALAYS like... Ohhh 2-3 thousand left by seasons end....

NO, for the ELK tags.. there is like 2k of the 8k alotted..... BY Sept 1st, if there are leftover tags... (And there ill be liek every year) RESIDENTS can buy a 2nd tag at non resident prices. Ithink this year Imight get a 2nd DEER tag if I get lucky opening ()eekend.

ELK tags ()ILL sell out byopening of the rifle season if not sooner.. Some residents and last min NON-res ()ill scarf them up.. sometimes up to opening day you can get a tag but it is SLIM chance after that... So if you're planning to get one... you might aught to look into it.

UHHhhh DID I ans()er any questions or just confuse some issues ?!?!

ALSO Kirkl, I kno() nothing about the UP north untis.. sorry....

The last time I was hunting elk in Idaho, it
was in unit 9 4 years ago. It took us 5 days to even find an elk, but we did get into
them. I had a decent opporunity at a 5 pt
bull, but couldn't get close enough before
it got dark. I've been to the unit 3 times
in the last 15 years. Give me a call if you
want some more info.
Moosie, thanks, i kind of figured i just went and bought a tag over the counter. Is that clear water tag a decent one or is it pretty hard to get into the deer.

Owl, thanks for the info, ill have to give ya a call and pick your brain about that unit.
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