pucker factor for these biologists

Last spring I had a similar experience. Ok, Ok, it wasn't a polar bear and it wasn't exactly in the line of duty, but it was a bear and involved puckering so I'm gonna tell my story.

I was cruising timber on the Washington coast last March in some of the thickest brush I've ever seen when I started hearing something bawling/squalling every minute or so. Sounded like a bear cub so I clawed my way over there to see what was going on. Pretty soon I popped out into a small area where all the brush was mashed down around a giant old cedar stump and I could see a tunnel leading underneath. The bear cubs were in there still squalling.

I stood there and had a little debate with myself. I wanted to crawl in there and see the cubs but didn't really want to meet ma if she was home. Finally I convinced myself that the cubs wouldn't be making all that racket if the sow was in there with 'em so I started to crawl in. I was about waist deep and wedged in pretty tight in total darkness when a thought occured to me. You see, my stupidity is sometimes punctuated by flashes of brilliance. Anyway, it occured to me that if I was wrong and the sow was in there it could get ugly. So I backed out. Then I was standing about 6 feet from the den entrance wondering what to do next when that big ol' sow popped out of the den like a cork and shot past me doing 60 miles/hour. She practically brushed up against my leg and just kept on going!

Several minutes later, after my body allowed my heart to start beating again, I realized it was now safe to crawl into the den. So I ran back to the truck, grabbed my camera, crawled in and took a few pictures of the cubs.

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Buckshot, You have bigger ones than i do !!!! You have got to get out and play a game of"who can keep the bear up the tree with a stick the longest". Our bear season runs from sept through oct if you are interested.
Buckshot,cool picture,but what in the world would make you go back in to get them? LOL
You must have nerves of steel.
Can I play :D :D Cool Pic.Buckshot.
I had a bobcat hound leave a cold track one time and start diging in a brush pile,Stuped me when i got there I thought he was diging for a Bobcat.When he got hind quaters deep and started Baying I puled him out and whent in head first with my 22 to shoot the cat.I sure was glad to see the bear hadent fully woke up yet. :D :D

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George P: I'd love to come play a round of "stick-bear" with ya, and hopefully will one day. But I'll tell ya, it seems my stick always breaks at the worst possible moment, whether it's a charging beaver (that's a whole 'nother story) or a bear in reverse.

Muledeer4me: I'd like to take credit for the "nerves of steel" but honesty compels me to admit that it's more likely due to my "brain of peanut"!

That's a good story Tobey. I'll bet it would have been worth the price of admission to see you a'coming out of that hole!