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PRE Answers to the AK Moose mystery.


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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Alright, Still haven't sat down to tell the AK Story but figured I'd Eliminate the Bear eating the moose, Etc. story.

In Short, the 2nd Day Out I dropped the Hammer on the bad boy jsts 1/2 hour after first light. The shot was About 40 yards (If that). the cover was thick and we had one opertunity and I took it. It stopped Broadsite and I centered the Rifle and let him have it.

Anyways, We got over to were it was Standing and I saw nothing.. NO blood, NO Sweat drops (The ground was Frosted that morning and the Sun hadn't peaked over the hill yet to melt it.) I started to Walk in a line, and 1/2 Circles. Not knowing which direction he went. I couldn't find it. I like to think I'm a good tracker if there is any sign but I jsut couldn't do it. We tried what we thought was the Best stuff but then I started 2nd Guessing myself.

MAybe I had missed it ? MAybe I placed a Bad shot ? MAybe I ... Maybe I... Who knew ?!?! Anyways, We didn't find it and went back to camp and ate lunch. We were litterally only 600 yards from there.

I'll get some Pics up later but Most of you that have ever hunted think Stuff know that you can stand almost over something and not see it. But we tried.

We hunted that afternoon and saw nothing and the Next morning Went back to that area and saw nothing. We did a Hike to the Other side and looked over kind of a different area then Was gonig back to camp for Lunch.

There was an Opening which drained the Lake were we were staying and an Open Swath around it with no trees. I had looked into this Opening before but walked up it to camp to get back.

Anyways, Looking up there it was. the sucker had Turned and Headed twards camp and Died in an opening spot about 300-400 yards from camp !! It was at the Edge of the Think Spot around the Corner from the Open area I walked through and Glassed for it the day before. The prior day reached well into the 70's and it was 65 Deg when we found him. And we could Already Smell the meat
How in the World can a Beast of this size not be seen. I would definately ask that question (And did) but I was up there and I know we did what we could.

We took a couple min taking a few pictures. But didn't spend more then a couple knowing the Knives had to get to Work. DAD started hauling 1/4's as I kept chopping......

We did Everything we could by Cutting and Packaging it up, Got out all the Rib meat and Neck meat. All the Straps and ALL 4 legs with the Bone attached. We had called High Adventure to Warn them that we found it and Needed it out NOW !!! they got there first thing in the Morning after we had it all back to camp. But... It was too late.

They called Fish and Game from the Field and Explained what happened and Wanted to dump it in the field. F/G said it needed to get back to the Dock that the Plane left from. So.. They hauled it all back and they came to Inspect it and MAke sure we did all we could.

We took opictures of the Carcus, The Meat piles, The tarps and Everything we could to Show we did what we could to get it out. Hell, Packing out meat that you're sure was GONE was a Tough Chore but it's the LAW and We did it. All that said... It still was a loss.

Anyways, thats the Scoop on the MEAT of the Moose. We did what we could, Followed all the Steps, But not finding it the Same day was something that Happens I guess. My Cape didn't make it either. I skinned it out, Salted it down, and turned what I needed to. LBG's Wife (who's a Taxidermist) went to get it and knew Instantly it was a gonner. It already had green Spots When I was salting it. But I had to Try.

SO, No meat, No cape but a Good trip and A nice Rack. I will get a cape eventually and mount it, I'm sure I won't be back for another Moose...... MAybe
That sucks Moosie, but those things happen. At least you were honest about it and did the right thing...not everyone would have. Well done.
Moosie, sounds like a great experience even with a little bad luck. Cant wait to read your real story rather than all your handstand and azz pictures.

I was wondering if the birds were coming in yet when you found it?
I didn't see any birds on it when We got it.. Here is a picture of it as it layed. the hair was Picked at though, Notice the White clumps on it. :


Here is us after we started the Cutting, Notice the "COLOR" of green setting in already


I shot my 'bou right at Dark and Whne I showed up 5 mins into light there was NO birds on it but also Picked on like the Bull was. Nothing broke through the Hide but it sure looked like a Brd did over the Night time... Weird ? I've never seen a bird work at night. Is that normal ?
godammit that is a big animal. Ive seen birds picking pretty hard by the next morning on elk. Shame about the meat. Still that is one big animal. Good job.
For Perspective.. LOOK at my Chest in Relation to his !!!!!

Blew my 300+ bull from Montana last year Away in size...

Gotta give a lot of credit to the pilot who flew the load of meat out. Sitting in a floatplane with good meat is a bit tough on the sensory organs. To sit in a plane with spoiling meat would likely be damn near intolerable.
Elkgunner, I do feel sorry for the pilot. You shoulda smelled the back of my truck with that cape. Wow, thank god for pressure washers and alot of soap. Like what was mentioned, Shit happens sometimes while hunting. Life goes on.

Bum deal Moosie. Nobody likes it when we lose capes, meat, and even horns. Sometimes it is inevitible.
Cameron, You';d think you could hear a Beast like that crashing through but I didn't. I actually took a quick Sprint hoping to get a bit closer to it aand Hear it and Made enough noise to cover up it's noise. I can look back and think 100 things I could have done better but 100 things I didn't do on other game and Everything worked out fine. I have 2nd and 3rd guessed myself a plenty. But hindsight is jsut what it is....

Alright you BAsterds, I need top start kicknig some A$$ here. Is it just cuz I'm the Boss that I'm getting a Razz of chit or is it becasue I'm a Retard ?!?! I can Understand if it's becasue I own the place but is it always fun picking on the slow guy ?!?!

I would have rather Pack the 1/4's then Chop the Meat. trying to lift a hind Quarter on your back and Cutting around the Bottom of it was'nt that Easy... Like back in the Day when I'd Wrestle the 300# women for a good time, I'm just getting to old for that

Gunner, It was the Pilorts Job to Fly the meat out. They would have gotten a Ticket too if they didn't do it. We did our part and they did there's. But I hear ya on the Chitty flying part, I didn't even like flying back on the Plane next to my Stinky self

Ovis.. True that on the Loss... I guess At least I can Buy a cape still. Horns would be a different Story.
Do we get some time to think about it???
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> Is it just cuz I'm the Boss that I'm getting a Razz of chit or is it becasue I'm a Retard ?!? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
Moosie, it's because we know your hide is thick enough that you won't get mad and leave. But don't take your 'ball' and go home!


Sorry to hear you lost all of the meat from your moose. Sounds like you did all you could for it just too bad there wasn't any snow. nice set of horns though and a good time had with your Dad and that makes a good trip. Great pics and great story.Be careful with them guns in the hot tub though,you could of slipped and knocked the scope out of adjustment or something else. HAHA.

Happy trails

Ridge Runner
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