Pistol safe


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Dec 14, 2010
I'm looking to get a small safe to put my pistol in for home defense. My big safe is in the office so i need something that i can put next to my bed. I need something that I can get into quick and easy, but will also keep my daughter out. What do u guys have, or what do u recommend?


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Mar 9, 2011
eastern Washington
I've got a small safe from GunVault, I think the MV500. It will hold a full size pistol and a small pistol together, you can mount them to something with screws. It's good enough to keep curious hands from being able to get into it. I think you can get a biometric (fingerprint reader) version on some models or mine uses four finger pads to enter a code. The potential downside to mine is that if you enter the wrong code, you have to wait several seconds to re-enter the code. I'm guessing the biometric one is faster, it better be for the much higher cost. I have no experience with other brands, but I like mine.