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Dec 9, 2000
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Nothing Fancy but a Good Start for the First week. We are Baiting on a CLIFF so thats a Rock wall behind the Bait site. We also have the Camera Set Back a little too far, But we're working on the Best location for it. We might need to stake it closer or something (So keep Ideas out there Gunner)







We have alot more Pictures but those were the Best... I can't tell if the Browner one is a MOM ? I know there is 2 didfferent Black ones Coming in but nothing with much Size yet... YET is hopefully the key word ;)
Very nice pics there Moosie. Those bears have the "deer in the headligts" look to them. Were most of the pictures taken at night with a flash?
Wile'Yote, Yes Sir, We don't have the Times on the Pictures jsut the Dates. This next go around We're going to have the TIMES on the Pictures. We have up one of those Trail Cams set up. We have several Pictures taken in the Day so We know they are hitting then too, Just not the exact times.

'Gunner went up tonight by himself So I should know if He got one by 11PM when he calls. Hope he gets him one. I'm heading up with Wylee (Chris B.) Tomorrow evening with the Bow in hand. We'll see.

Funny thing is they are coming in every day but not eating much yet. Thats why we didn't hunt it much the first couple weeks. We'll hit it tomorrow, once next week... Then every other day or so ;) It's a Numbers game, the more you're there the better the odds...

I'm looking foward to Getting more pictures. Hopefully the Blond from last year comes in again
Moosie Cool Pics man :cool: I suppose you have to re supply bait depending on how hard they are getting hit right? As you can tell I'm not the master bear baiter you are so curious to know. ;) :D

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The seasons have been Consistant with us year after year. The opening week is April 15th. we Always set crap out and Want to check it the next day. I'll admit I'm the worse. My thinking is Spend as much time out there... Gert the first one in ;) ... the First 2 weeks not much really happen, then it starts getting hit alot . Usually by Week 3 I've been on the Sites 5-8 times with the chance being close to 10% of even seeing one. The wife is Burned out of me leaving and then when the Hunting is Good I'm fighting to get permission....

This year was NO difference except in the First week we only went on day 7, And not to sit, but jsut to check and Restalk and go home.. (Nothing) so we only dumped a Bit more. Day 14 we went back up and some stuff was missing, not much but hard to tell really. We also didn't sit. We looked for Prints in the Ground and claw marks and the Dirt coming in. We thought we saw a Few but couldn't tell really because the type of ground. One track we saw was 98% a bear
today I'm bringing up a Shovel and Rake and Making a "LANDING" spot with broken ground and Flour to catch tracks of the bears comnig in from a "SIZE" point.

We got the Film developed and Walla, couple of critters hitting it every day/night. So, We're about 18-20 days into it and now it begins. The bears have Blown the Hybernation Plug, They've gotten the Grass's and Stuff to get the Stomach going, and Now starting to really Eat the "WHATEVER's". And thats what We provide. And ALOT of it. We'll start hauling it in by the Backpack full's now. Dumping 200 #'s each time we go up. Once the Bears start hitting it often We'll be out there 3-4 times a week probably. Needing to Restock (A little) and Needing to be in place when they come in....

What we did different this year was the First day We Spent ALL day loading up. Made the Piles 2-3 times bigger then we usually do. If you seen our list we dumped thousands of pounds
Then we're just supplementing it throughout the season.

The hard thing about bear baiting is 2 things. Getting everything in the Site, and getting a bear. You'd think it's Cake walk but most bears (That aren't boo-boo's any more) will come in after dark. So we spend 2 months feeding them and hoping they slip up once.
Pretty cool info Moosie. Man that is a lot of packing in of bait for them critters in hope that they get a little hungry during the day and want to stop by for a nibble fix. I guess you can relate with them bears pretty good. Kind of like driving by a MacDonalds and not going through the drive through for a shake ;) :D Thanks for the update and whack a big un :D
:D YAH... I won't pass the McDonalds today, It's been 2 days since I've had a Choc. shake. Thats almost like a Diet ;)

Lots of work indeed. And, It costs more then hiring a guide in Canada and we have Smaller bears..... But it's alot of FUN !
Horn Seeker, The Rock is an Exageration. It's about 4' Off the Ground. That being said, the Camera is lower then the rock so it's at an "UP" angle. Giving the Impression it's 4-5' to it's back. We didn't mark it tonight but I'm going to have 'GUnner mark it when he can Slip out next time... Hopefully soon cuz I didn't bring Film thinking after 1 night there would still be pictures left :eek:

We were up there tonight and Tomorrow have a Whole Slue of New Pictures to post.. They aren't developed yet so the Susspence is Killing me. :D
Those are great pics...I wish we could set up electronic set ups around here. But it isn't allowed... There is a great big one in one of the areas I frequent just out of town and I have heard from the rancher that it is a griz. That would make for some cool pics...
Nice job Moosie... :D
We didn't mark it tonight but I'm going to have 'GUnner mark it when he can Slip out next time... Hopefully soon cuz I didn't bring Film thinking after 1 night there would still be pictures left

Gunner needs to be working on getting packed. He doesn't have time to hump garbage out to your bait-stand so YOU can shoot a bear off of it. He has priorities of his own. Maybe he can come out and play after he gets back. :D :D
'Gunner listens to Me Beotch.... He already Planned your AK hunt, you should be thankfull he's letting you go

ElkChsr, Just put Food stash of bread and Old carp in your Secret Hole Hideouts in the Field and don't call it a BAit site ;)
'Gunner listens to Me Beotch.... He already Planned your AK hunt, you should be thankfull he's letting you go

Haha...What are you his pimp? You see, the planning is the easy part. I have to do the skinning, the photos, the guiding, the late night hot oil rub downs, and most of the other things you could never compell yourself to do.

You're right though, he did a good job piecing this together. I'll make sure he can kick back and relax while I throw together the plans for the moose hunt.

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