Pheasant Fest 2004 Montana style

Big Sky

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Dec 22, 2000
A Warmer Climate
Any one that knows me well, knows I don't spend much time hunting birds. Doesn't mean I don't know how, just prefer bigger critters. However, my bud's caught me at a weak momment for the opener. I think we did alright for a bunch of old fat guys. Neomont you should recognise the extra old fart at the far end of the line sitting down.
Dang, did you guys leave any for seed??? ;) Congrats! I'm hoping to tie in to a few of those in Nov.
Big Sky, I do recognize him. He sure has fixed up his place by the lake. I only got two birds on opening day.

congrats on the pheasant. My kids can't wait for me to load up on the pheasant and make "chicken strips" out of them.

Nice work on the ditch-parrots Troy. I haven't hunted them much since I left SD. Of course, like you, I spend more time chasing the hairy, native creatures. Although it is pretty tough to beat the taste of a good ring neck.

Pheasant strips. That is a new one for me, but sure sounds tasty.

BTW Tyler, I guess they just passed a new law in SD-- UTARDS PROHIBITED FROM UPLAND HUNTING DURING THE MONTH OF NOVEMBER. Sorry man, maybe next year.
Utards are native born and bred in UT, move-ins don't fall under that category. My neighbor's a bishop and told me so! :D
Nope 1_pointer, once you qualify for residency in Utah you officially become a Utard. If you don't believe me ask anyone from Ida's-ho or Wyoming.
C'mon BS, don't burst my bubble! ;) I guess the plates on my truck give me away, but not my driving abilities!! :D This is the only place I've been where folks drive faster in 1' of snow than in a drizzle of rain. Not too mention going 55 in the left hand lane on I15. :mad:
1_pointer, I have to agree with you on the driving down there. Scares me to death everytime I go down there. Heck, the guys driving the big rigs are as bad as anyone. Last summer I was driving to Cedar City when just north of Parowan two Semi's blew past me like I was in reverse. Did I mention I was going 85 mph. The trailors on both those semi's were whipping from side to side and crossing the center and outside line. Friggen insane!
Now thats it,Im down right stinking jealous
Awwww! man! I never shot,hell never seen one of them chinese chickens in the wild yet! Seriously fellas..............CONGRATS! Daniel
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