OWL's Goat pics


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Dec 17, 2000
Selah, Washington
This is bryan and his goat


this is bryans friend


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Great pix Bryan.........and nobody deserves it more!
Your a damn good guy and it makes me smile to see you with such a nice trophy!......good on ya!

Thanks for posting the pics. Someday I promise I'll learn how to get it done. I
hope you get lucky and get your turn at a
high alpine adventure. You'd love it!:cool:


Thanks for the compliment. I don't know if
you've ever applied for this type of hunt,
but let me tell ya, its right up your alley.
Steep and deep, and not for the faint hearted. In my limited experience, most mtn
goats aren't the most wary of game. On
the other hand, its pretty darn tough to
get to these bad boys without breaking
your darn neck.:D Hope you get the chance
someday to go after one of these goats. It'd
make a nice addition to your trophy room.:cool:
Looks great kirk!!!
I've seen alot of them in Wash. But was never lucky enough to draw a tag. Good going!!! :D :D :D

You ole goat roper!:D:D You need to go thru
your old Washington hunting album and dig
out that Billy you shot about 20 years
ago up in White River area. Love to see
it. The more goats the better!:D

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I should get me scanner fixed then look for th pics...Have some pretty cool pics from way back when....the story on it does anyway match up to any of you guys back the we saw them along the roads while cutting fire wood all the time If I remember correctly in the 70's and early 80's you were allowed to get drawn every 3 years for goats...

That area I told you about of the phone, can you still drive down those roads are they all closed odd now like what they did to the greenwater area?

A big congratulations! You've just bagged one of the trophies that my wife and I dream of getting. The beautiful country, physical challenging hunt, and going where most people only dream of going are some of the things that makes sheep/goat hunting a worthwhile goal.
We've got several more "stop & rob's" to knock off before we have enough funding. They just don't carry as much money in the register as they used to!! :D
Again, congratulations!! - memtb
Nope, Bryan.......no goat tag for me yet. I am planning a sheep hunt this year in Alaska with my brother. We'll ne unguided. I know that is risky :rolleyes: .......but I've seen big time guides bag "milkers" :eek: ........so I think we'll just go it alone. I can tell you this........if I get one, it will be a good representative of a mature ram......but I'm sure we'll just see some good country and have a "good time" and eating our tags :cool: DS
Owl, Kraven, i had to go to Ellensburg today, went through the canyon and i saw a group of 5 rams and another group of 15 rams and some nannys also and a bunch of deer, just thought id let you know, get ya a little excited. went to the feeding station yesterday, lots of bulls in there, lots of 6pts and a bunch of spikes, they do a good job hiding come hunting season
way to go spotted owl!

glad ya scored!


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