Oscar, some pics of the area we talked about


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Mar 19, 2001
Oscar, heres the area I was talking about. Last year was crappy because of a bad berry crop and the bears werent sticking around, usually is a good area. Like I said alot of truck hunters but most are to lazy to get out of there trucks and work for a bear. Doesnt look steep does it?

Heres a few more and hopefully they will come out a little bigger. 2 years ago I watched 2 bulls fighting here. you could see the cow just standing off the side watching. Sorry man, this is a closed area for moose.

well, they are small as hell but atleast I'm not getting that damn red X. At the end of the valley there is a trail that we could go up and then follow along the ridge and glass.
Oscar, did you replace the first 2 pics with the last 2? the first 2 were of a different hillside and valley shot.
WOW.. I can picture a bear or two on those hills... I think If we get up there in the morn, Spot a bear, We could hike that hill... Cross the canyon, Wack a bear, cape it out.. And be back at the truck for breakfast

I'm stoked man, I know we'll only have one shot... BUT like MY BOY EMINEM.. I only got one shot, I'll make it count.. I'll give it ALL I got !!!!
The road goes straight up the valley so if we see anything we can stop the truck and run (yeah right, figuratively speaking) up the hilland see what we can see.
you should see the brown bear Tammy is rugging right now in the other room. Its only about an 8 1/2footer but damn the head is huge.
Thanks Bill, it is a nice area but unfortuanetly theres alot of road activity, luckily they are all lazy SOB's. Its a high valley (I'd say about 2,000ft or so, not high for you though) and alot of bears travel this area. In the next valley over is a pretty rich salmon stream, plus alot of berries. Actually there are alot of good salmon streams in the area.
Actually, I have never seen a brownie in the area, its always blackies. I'm sure a few brownies have come through but for some reason they dont stick around. Human pressure maybe?
You said it was a high valley at 2000 feet. I would tend to agree with you as it is a coastal state. Either way, it looks like some great country. I have not crossed it off of my list of place to go. We will make there one of these days.
Yeah around here if its not mountainous its a damn swamp.

The offer still stands for when you and LB make it up here.
That looks like a great place to wack a bear....Hope it pans out for you guy's...Well maybe "pan" is a bad word to use around Moosie!!!
No its not the Tok area, its down on the kenai pen.

russ, it is a decent place. There arent to many big monsters but there are a fair amount of bears there. it isnt a cake walk but very doable if someone is willing to sweat alittle.
LBG, I did Nuke the other pics.. post it again and I'll resize them and rehost them for ya !!!

YHA.. LOL, I hope it "PAN's" out too !!!
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