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Opening of deer today...


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
And I'm at the Fuggin office
:( :mad:

I bet they're really having fun hunting those big Mulies today, Is the weather real nice up there today? My neighbor brought one by the other day, his first with a bow. He said it was the biggest rush! But at least we have our work to keep our minds off of all those animals being shot while we work! :D
I went to Costco to buy new tires at 11am, and one of their employees rolled in with a Forkie in the back end of the Jeep Cherokee. He said he was first thru the check station.

Not sure how long he was gonna drive around with a forkie in his car, but as hot as it is today, he was going to need Air Conditioning going....
OAk.. I figured I wouldn't get much Sympathy from most. But I know you still feel my Pain I have inside !!!

I agree At least I still have my work.... But it's hard to concentrate when there are hills to hump !!! I did call the wife and get my Schedule though. Although this Sat is out because she has plans (I know, how dare her ;) ) I'll be out a bit on Sunday to take a looky loo around. Mostly to scout for my real trip which is later this month......

I do need to get out though, I haven't lifted my Arsch from the Sofa since my Colorado trip... I'll feel like a slug trying to keep up with Wylee and clan..... (Maybe ;) ).

Come on Sunday !!!!!!!!!!
Gunner, I've talked to F&G alot and the Amount of Forked horns that come through is Crazy the opening weekend. Usually not until later in the year the bigger ones come in. Something about the "REAL" hunters stick it out or something... I told them I keep the stats even by gringing in my small ones laer in the year. ;)
A friend of mine called to tell me he whacked a real whopper this morning. 8x10, 35 1/2", tons of junk. I'm going to stop be to see it shortly.
On Sunday, I am going to do my best to thin a forked horn from the herd. I need a meat buck for pepperoni, maybe some sausage!!
8 more days until lift off and my bro and I'll be sucking air big time in the Idaho hills in hopes of smacking something-

Wally dog-can't wait for more info about your bud's buck-chris
I'll be in your state Saturday flinging lead hopefully!

Gonna be a fun one actually, as I'll be hunting the state line, with bow on my pack for MT elk and rifle in hand for ID deer, Id bear, MT bear, Mt deer. That gives me a decent chance at something doens't it!!??

Does anyone know if bullet wounds can me masked well enough to look like an arrow wound??? :0)
At least you all have them mountians in your back yard to get out too. :( I got called back to work just as my season was getting started :mad: Now I'm 7,979.7 miles according to gps ;) away from where I should be hunting Mulies :mad: . Guess there's next year though. Good luck to all of you.
Originally posted by DRAFTSTUD:
Moosie, as President of Deer Humpers of Idaho, were'nt you suppose to cut some kind of ribbon to signal the start of Deer season?
NOW thats some FUNNY CHIT !!!! I will do that next year as a Media event. Mark my words !!!!

Does anyone know if bullet wounds can me masked well enough to look like an arrow wound???
Yes... Uhhh I mean no !!! What kind of question is that ?!?!? ;)

R.R. there is always next year.... Sorry to hear work is getting in the way. I'll shoot a nice little buck in your honor
And I'm at the Fuggin office
My God, man it's just the office, open the door and step outside! I have a 7000 mile flight to get to deer season! Only thing keepin me sain is the fact I don't have a tag

Good luck all ya lucky hunters
Hey Casper.. Maybe we should plan a trip to the zoo here and at least take some pics of deer ;) Thanks Moosie but you and I have both shot our share of "little" bucks. Shoot a hog for me this year would ya ;) :D Good luck man.
10-4 good buddy..... got ya covered (It's that easy right ? ;) )

Stay tuned for the pictures in a few weeks .
Horn Seeker, Now this is not to be told to anyone, so the rest of ya'll shut your eyes. Cut the end out of a 410 shell, empty the looking, now take the broadhead off of the arrow, wrap the fletchings with toilet paper...shhhh.... slide the arrow into the breech of the 410 and screw on the broadhead....OK the rest of ya'll can look now! :D
I took a look at that whopper last night.
He's a young (4 1/2 yr old) buck.
Obviously from a great genetic line.
He was with another heavy 28-30" 4 point typical and my friend whacked the non-typical pig.
Think what the non-typical coulda looked like in another year or 2.
With the shooters permission I'll try get a photo to post.
I hunted se idaho, man was there a lot of people. I passed on 3 little bucks. Im going to try and go back next week after some of the idiots go home.
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