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Jan 7, 2001
Northeast Arizona
i got back yesterday(sunday) around noon and i had a blast!!
we got to paso robles thurs. about 4:00 pm. checked into our hotel and called CROSS COUNTRY OUTFITTERS to let them know we were in town. i spoke with tom at CCO and he told me to come on out so we could sight in the guns. so off we went. they are about 30 minutes north of paso robles. anyway we did the sight in and he said he needed to check on some cows so why don't we come along and see if we see any pigs. we saw two but they were a little too big so we pasted on them.
friday morning my buddy harry went with tom's brother august and tom and i went to sit on a hill top to glass for pigs. at first we didn't see any and then we spotted a nice black and white one. so we stalked up on him to about 100 yards and i waited to for him to turn side ways. i made my shot and MISSED!!! tom said that was probably the best and easiest shot i'd get. but i still had a couple days and NOW i would do things different. we only hunt for a couple hours in the morning and a couple in the evening so we headed back to the ranch house and met back up with my buddy harry and august(harry's guide). harry missed his too!! he was freak'n pissed!!! so we are sitting their talking and we are told that the editer of guns and ammo is going to be their later. harry say that's great, no pressure here!! :eek: we leave and head back to the hotel in paso robles. that night we hunted a barley field and only saw sows and babies. saturday morning we went back to the barley field but we hunted the other side of the farm down in a river bottom. harry got his pig there and i made a LONG shot a two coyotes, missing the first and nailing the second. that was the longest shot i've ever made on a coyote, probably close to 300 yards. anyway it was getting late and the sun was warming things up a bit so we headed back to the ranch house to skin and clean harry's pig. harry's pig was all balck and somewhere around 150 pounds. after that we headed back to our hotel and waited for my last chance to get my pig. i had pretty much accepted that the chances of me getting me pig were narrowing which made waiting for the afternoon hunt seem like forever. we left for the ranch about 3:30 and met tom. we all got into his truck and head out to sit on a hillside(my lucky day!!! :D ) we sit there for probably a half an hour and are watching the hillside across from us when i see one lone pig on the hill behind the hill we are watching(that's my pig)! so we get quiet and wait some more. the hill in front of us tom said was about 150 yards. we are watching for the pig to come over and he just doesn't come...then i see him...further up the hill at about 300 yards! so tom and i move closer, back within 150 yards. i get set up and tom says to to wait till the pig turns and on cue the pig does!! but i say i don't think i can make the shot. csan i wait till he getts closer? tom says no take the shot. so i do!!! and GOT HIM!!! I GOT HIM!! the pig runs down the hill and back into the canyon about 50 yards and falls over and rolls to the bottom. i freak'n on cloud nine now!! the hike back to the pig and take a couple pitures and tom says he will bring the truck around but that we needed to drag the pig out of the canyon. that was harder then hell but i loved every single second of it!! we loaded the pig into the truck and headed for the ranch house to gut, skin, and clean my piggy!

i'm glad i missed the first pig because this one i REALLY had to work to get and the suspense was great!! tom and and his brother august were great, seemed like i'd known them for years. they really made me feel at home, but also told it like it was, there was no bull****. i will tell one thing though. my hunt will not be this year. even if i had all my money together i'm not ready! this pig hunt was definately an eye opener for me!!! it's nothing like hunting coyotes!!!
absolutely!! i'm already planning to go back!!
You said you saw two pigs the first afternoon but they were to big ?, how big is too big?
Sounds like a lot of fun, can you tell us what it costs to go on a guided piggy hunt ?
Congrats on the oinker, hope it tastes good
sound like one hellava good time to me! :D congrats! on your piggy and cant wait to see the pictures!!

how big were the big ones ????? i usually dont like to eat bigger ones but, i got a nice sow a few weeks ago and it turned pretty darn good for being a bigger hog!
Congratulations, Calif.Coyote! You had a blast, and that's the main thing, right? We will ALL be waiting for the pics. Hunting private land out here for hogs is sure a whole lot different than hunting the public land, isn't it? It's so nice to see a lot of hogs, as opposed to being lucky to see one! I don't shoot them much anymore, but I still get up every morning to watch them whenever I'm out in the Parkfield area!
anaconda too pig for me was anytrhing that looked over 200 pounds. the hunt with cross country outfitters was $500.

hnterjohn that ranch is southeast of camp roberts and and east of san miguel and 17 miles from parkfield(or so the sign says). my buddy got his pig on a farm just north or camp roberts and i got my on their ranch.

calif. hunter i was telling my guide just before i got my pig that even if i don't get a pig i've had a good time...then i got my pig and was on cloud nine for two days!! this being my first hunt i've only hunted on private land and we saw pigs everyday! i wouldn't mind trying public land but it seemed like it was all private up there. tom, my guide said that you can hunt camp roberts and ft. hunter ligget but there alot of success around there because of the lack of a crop.

i just got to get my buddy to get that film developed!! he just told me that this was his one and only hunt (guided or not) that he'll do. says it's out of his system and he'll stick with his I.D.P.A. shoots(practical handgun competition). looks like i'm back to hunting by my self! oh well!!
all in all it is definately i'd do again!! it's got me rethinking my bear hunt big time though! pigs run away, bears get mad!!
Ha ha, Calif. Coyotes! But guess what? Not all the pigs run away! The one I've got mounted on my wall decided that me shooting him twice was too much, and he decided he wanted a piece of me. That keeps it exciting. Glad you enjoyed it. Where do you go coyote hunting?
calif. hunter i usually hunt coyotes out by perris but last time i was out there messed up and made the coyote a little wiser. i haven't out since then. i live in corona about a mile from the clevland N.F. and i plan on doing some overnighters up there this summer(backpacking). i'll bring my rifle and call some up there. i figure they don't get much action up there so they shouldn't be too call shy.
C.C. .. A little LAte but a Congrats ANYWAYS!!! Glad to see you get your Piggy....

NOw I want to see then Pics... So Spead up that would ya ?~?~?~?~ Hehehe
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