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Old time photos and a new video


Feb 11, 2012
I've occasionally posted in the past, but I'm not a regular. I like to make some videos with a buddy of a lot of our hunting together (like a lot of others these days I know).

But I decided to step it up some and enter my first film festival. In the course of doing it I dug through a lot of old photo albums and pulled down some of my dads into the game room. I included some of it in my film entry, but I couldn't include all of it. I thought to post some of the photos from one of his favorite trips to see if anyone knew if the outfit he went with was still operational? I've been thinking it'd be cool to see about trying to visit the same places he did on my western hunts that he went to when he was around my age (in the 1970s).

These photos are from his trip in Jackson Hole in 1974 with Pilgrim Creek Outfitters. He said the guys name was Jim Davis.

If you have interest in the video I made its in the Western Hunter Film Festival. https://filmfest.westernhunter.net/category/amateur-long/

Its 3/4 down in the "amateur long" category. I've got some more old stuff from his hunts in it and I tried to do a good job for the guy who got me into hunting and the outdoors.

2023-02-23 18-29 6.jpeg2023-02-25 12-16 1.jpeg

Elk video photos page 14.jpeg

Elk video photos page 13.jpegElk video photos page 13.jpegElk video photos page 13.jpeg
Very cool pictures. None of the posing with the animal trying to manipulate the camera to make it look bigger, or making everything look perfect. Just “grab an antler and look over here!”

I love these old hunting photos.