Nothing but Spikes.....


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Feb 26, 2003
South of the Border
Just got off the phone with the report on the first 3 days of Elk hunting at our camp.

Lots of spikes and cows, not a single branch antlered bull yet, so the triggers have not been squozed.

A couple of the spikes are in danger in a few more days, if the big boys don't show themselves. But for now, nobody is getting Antsy to tip over a spike, not even a Trophy Spike..

Unfortunately, I can't get up until Saturday, so I just have to get the phone reports.

Sounds like not much competition. The Outfitter who we shoot his bulls out from under his clients has already pulled up his wall tents and left. A big camp of Californians are patrolling one of the roads on ATVs, and have yet to see a single Elk. They think there are too many Wolves....
Gunner i ran into the same problem last year down here in AZ, mostly spikes,a couple of forky`s and one 2x3, but my freezer was and still is full of elk/deer so i was looking for something "decent", cause if i shot anything i would have to by another freezer, so i just passed on the little guy`s. But i hope you find what your looking for. Good Luck.
Well... As bad a Shape as you're in with your Leg Gunner... Settle for a Spike. We'll have a Spike Compitition.

Hey, How far are you from the Lodge ? JB Florida is coming up Sat and we we're wondering if y'all (or just you) want to come over for a dinner. MAybe a Shake

Good luck to you guys. Don't be trying to Mosy over to my 6 point that I got layed out for JB. I want him to shoot it in that hole then Have to figure out how the Fugg he's going to get it out

I think I'll be able to wait a bit.... Hell, I already passed on that 6x6 Meat Bull with Moosie....

I think the leg is coming along fine. I just can't go uphill or downhill

I'll go test it Friday with a last chance Deer hunting. I'll hook up with Ovis, as I am pretty sure he can carry my buck AND me out of any sh!thole we find...

And then for Elk, it looks like it is getting cold enough, that if anything gets shot, I'll just invite 1-Ptr up.... and he can spend the weekend hauling quarters...

Your Truck to our Tent spot of 2 years ago was 18 GPS miles. Except we put the tent in a nother spot, and the lodge is closer than your Truck parking, so I would guess 18 miles.

I'll see how warm the tent is staying, I may need to just come over and snuggle in the trailer... Nahh...there is nothing like sleeping in a wall tent. Nice and toasty when you fall asleep, and then when the fire burns out at 2am, it gets damn cold until wake-up. You have to stick your face inside your sleeping bag, until you realize you stink so bad, that you can't do that...

I'll make it over for dinner sometime. Tell me where you hide the extra key...
I'll drop you a line.. I'm actually making extra keys today. It's actually in a tree next to the bush with the grass and the ground. Or someplace like that

Trust me.. propain heaters and A Microwave for warm drinks and a hot breakfast beats a Wall tent anyday
Whiners.... We have kicked a bunch of bulls over to ya Idaho side the last few days. This morning it was finally cold enough to be nice.....
Hell gun-- you carry me on the sidehills and I'll carry up and down.....
goodluck to ya anyhow.
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> I'll just invite 1-Ptr up.... and he can spend the weekend hauling quarters... <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>Just let me know! I'll even bring the wife. You won't believe what she can pack!!!!!
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> Trust me.. propain heaters and A Microwave for warm drinks and a hot breakfast beats a Wall tent anyday <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I don't know... there is something about a Wall tent, when the door flaps don't quite close up, and the wind blows 30mph in the snow....

And if you stick Power Bars (I like the WildBerry in the Morning) under your armpits, you can have a warm breakfast without relying on a MicroWave...

Hey Lost,
Thanks for the carry offer... but nothing annoys me more than being lost in the Mountains... I hate going the wrong way and losing elevation I shouldn't, or climbing shit that I don't need to...

So far all the Elk they have located have refused to move 50 yards during the day. Our spot has little food and water this year, so they are just hanging in the same spot.

Hopefully this storm will get them a bit more moving....

1Ptr... Maybe we should just wait for a Steelheading weekend...
Quit twisting my arm!
I'm already counting the days til the first of the year, when I may have to set up a second residence in ID!!
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