No Greenhorny bucks, but a fun-filled season (photos)

Big Sky

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Dec 22, 2000
A Warmer Climate
I had an unbelievable amount of friends draw deer tags this year in Montana. The odds of drawing aren't that good for non-residents so it's a fluke that some many would have tags. The long and short of it is that it's been a great season. I enjoyed the company but I think my days of playing host are pretty much over as my oldest boy will be old enough to hunt next fall. All my time and energy will go in to helping him get his buck. I just plain won't have time to hunt with others. It's been fun and good practice so I feel pretty confindent that my son will have success next fall. Anyway here's a few photos from this year.
This first photo is of Tom from MI and his first muley buck.

Jerry (JBMICH) was Tom's buddy (yes I hunted with the Tom and Jerry Show). Jerry has killed a couple mule deer before, but this was his best. I thought they both did real well for a couple of MI boys ;)

Next this is a buck that a friend of mine from neighboring North Dakota killed last Friday. John (goes by Bwana on the net) only had a few hours to hunt last Friday morning. After passing the buck up I shot and missing a very large buck Thursday (Thanksgiving Day), Bwana made good on his shooting Friday morning and anchored this fine muley.

Last but not least my wife made me promise to shoot something for the freezer before the season ended. So here's my last minute freezer buck. It wouldn't be so bad except I passed up at least 6 bucks larger than this during the season. To add major insult to injury just a few hours after shooting this buck, the buck I had been looking for the whole season stepped out and stood broadside at 300 yards. All I could do was watch and resist the urge to cry as I watched Bwana miss him 3 times. I'm pretty sure the hunting god's are still laughing at me, as they got me pretty good this year. How could a guy predict that after passing up 58 bucks, shooting the 59th, that the 60th would be the buck of my dreams? Oh well there's always next year and I know where he's at. Besides I went out Saturday with amy video camera and had a little look around. I saw two other wall hangers. Total buck sightings for this year 71 bucks (mostly mule deer). I'd say that is a pretty good season, by any standard. I love this place!!!!!!!!! Hope you all enjoy the photos.
Those are some nice pics.
Glad you had a great time with everyone.
Best of luck to you next year with your son.
That is when you will have the most fun when you get to take your son with you.
WTG, Big Sky! Those pictures are great! Sounds like you folks had a great season.

COOL PICS TROY........... DID You shoot that buck like you did that ELK ?!?!!? ;) (OHH I watched the UN-EDDITED VERSION :D)

Congrats !!!!!! SUX to hear about you seeing all those deer. We are lucky to see a dozen nice bucks in a year !!!!!!

(PS, SO, when I draw next year.... You're not taking me, or I just can;'t tell anyone ?!?!?! ;) )
Nice bucks Big Sky...........but those poor deer don't have a chance up there!......there's no cover to hide in! :eek:
Well Moosie we will have to see, but one thing is for sure you will have to wear more than a pan. DS, I think you'd be surprised at just how much of a chance these bucks do have. Darn frustrating to have a big buck vanish in what seems wide open. Happens all the time and drives a guy crazy.
I know Troy, I hunted very similiar country............I was just pulling your chain a little ;)
DS, by the way I meant to tell you congrats on that great WY buck. There's not enough shades of green on the color scale to measure how green with envy I am.
Congrats Big Sky on what looked to me as Great Time and a Beautiful Buck. I hope you don't mind my viewing and commenting on your hunt.


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