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Nice Utah bull

Nice raghorn, the guy should have let him grow up so he could pass on his genes. I guess some guys are just to trigger happy.
They said the "TAG" was $5.. not the Guides...I'm guessing he dumped 10-12g's !!!! Especially if they knew it was a new record from prior sheds...

MAybe I'm wrong....
but how many $5 tickets did he buy?

I agree with ya Anaconda. Besides if it was just $5 I wouldn't feel bad even taking a cow home. That's cheap meat in the freezer if you ask me.

If I had a Utah raffle permit, which lets you hunt any open unit in the state... I'd slash my wrists long before I'd shoot a cow. That would be about the best trophy bull elk license there is. The draw odds in the unit I applied for (probably where he shot that bull) is about 0.1%.
If I had that tag, I think I would offer to let the best guides in the state take me for free. The publicty alone would be worth a lot more to any outfitter than any normal charge.
This guy killed the bull with the $5 sportsman's raffle tag and the bull will be the new Utah State record. It is the first bull in Utah to net over 400 points!!

The bull was killed quite close to where I live here in Utah and has caused quite a stir. I saw a bull this fall in the same unit that was pushing 400 points. I just wish I could draw a tag!!
I would give my left nut for the tag this guy had!!
I wouldn't give my left or right nut for anything.

I would however offer both of Greenhorns nuts for a hunt like that.

That way I could pork the he@@ out of it when its a@@ hit the ground.
I got 7 bonus points now, in 2 years i got a real good shot at a top unit in UT as nonres.
Anaconda is right on the money. I guess Doyle Moss, one of the high rolling outfitter/videographers down there, took this guy for free to have rights to use it in a video. Thats the rumor I've heard anyhow.

From watching some TV shows, shooting a nice bull down there would be a piece of cake if you can get drawn!
Schmalts.. I hate to break it to you, but you don't have much of a prayer in a couple years for a "top" unit. Look at the odds. Most top units give one or two tags and have several hundred of applicants..

Unless a "good shot" to you is 3-5%.

Check out the odds in the Fillmore Pahvant, Monroe Mtn and Indian Peaks units! It's much more likely to to draw a bighorn sheep tag in MT than those elk permits. I only personally know very few people that have draw sheep here in MT.
Greenhorn, Hate to dissagree with you but study the breakdown in utahs web site that shows the amount of applicants with how many points, not just odds as an applicant with no points. Its a huge file to download but very interesting. Some units allow a max of 9-10 bonus points and non res hunters have very few with that many points. Then take in account that if there is more than 1 tag i believe that 10% of tags go to apps with the highest points. Right now i could draw in some real solid units like Manti. Next year i could have a real good shot at fishlake because there isnt a lot of guys with more than 7 tags applying for that unit. That isnt a top unit but look at units like San Juan, and see how many apps had 9 points. I would take even the book cliffs. I may be wrong but once you max on points your odds are far greater because a good amount of tags go for the max point holders. If you looked at general Odds, thats not the place to study them because they dont break it down into bonus point catagories. Kind of like NM, the odds of a nonres drawing a tag are not what they seem, for instance 16A has about 100 tags for 300 applicants. Your odds are not 1 in 3 because they dont break it down into nonresidents. They lump all hunters into one odds report.
I just looked again, If you are a non res, and have 9 bonus points your odds of drawing San Juan are 1 in 4 !!! now i dont call that slim. If you want to look yourself, heres the link, im sure you will be interested. I am sure there will be a little bottlnecking as there are a lot of guys with more point, but i certainly have a lot better than 3% chance at drawing in the next few years

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I started collecting deer bonus points this year. I guess I have to stay with that till I draw, the go for the elk. (I think they only let you put in for one of the deer or elk categories). I also started collecting moose bonus points and I think I'm going to start that in Wyo too.

I guess the best thing to do is just put in for the moose in Wyo, cause SOOOOO many people only put in for bonus points that the odds of drawing a tag are pretty good it you put in for it. I probably wont have the time or spare grand this year though!

Are there any other states with a bonus system and some top trophy bull areas that would be worth looking at?
Schmalts.. When I think of a "top" unit, it's one like Monroe, Pahvant, or Indian Peaks. Usually 1 or 2 tags, max points don't mean much. Odds (from your link) for those units are as follows: 1:206, 1:534, nad 1:272. Use some simple math to factor in the number of bonus points you have against the bonus points every body else has.. and you don't have much better odds, even with maximum bonus points.

I see in the Pahvant, last year's guy drew with 4 points. There were a lot of guys with 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 points that didn't draw. I believe a couple years ago, somebody drew Monroe with no bonus points at all.

Anyhow, somebody draws.. so you got to apply.. but the fact is NOBODY has a good chance.

Just looked at it again.. San Juan, 2 tags. 1:177 odds of drawing. A guy with 9 points drew a tag and a guy with 1 point drew, 355 applicants. Factor in bonus points and you still are under 3% with max points. Don't hold your breath on drawing San Juan.

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As I understand it, in Utah, half the tags go to thoses with the most bonus points, and the other half are drawn in a lottery, with every point a chance. So if theres only one out of state tag, you don't have a chance unless you have the max points. ( max point tag is drawn first )
Also, only put in for tags you REALLY want, because if they draw you for your forth or fifth choice, you still spend your points.
I'm hopeing for that San Juan tag with three points.
Anaconda, not true. If there is one n.r. tag, it's a free for all for everyone, regardless of points. You can draw toughest permit in the state with zero points.. but it's like getting struck by lightning (and not much better with max points, like 1:2,500 vs. 1:150). Look at the link Schmaltz put up and you will see what I'm talking about.

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