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New World Record Elk... What State?

That is another awsome elk by Chuck..
I wish he wouldn't have his pics taken like that, it gives no true representation of how the animal really is...
Thanks for the article Kurt!!!
Wow, I can't wait to see a picture of this new bull. Sounds incredible.

Uncanny, theres got to be more to it than that. I've heard stories about how Adams ends up with all of the fantastic game. I think I'm startin to figure it out, and I bet theres more to it than luck.
I think (I hope )the unit 8 AZ bull is bigger than Chucks Montana bull.
I'd rather see a average guy take the record than a sponsered pro. No offense to Mr. Adams, but he already has the former P&Y record, I hope the other guy gets it.
Man what a year for monster bulls.
Two or three 400+ bulls have been taken in Utah, along with several monsters from the Az. archery season, and the Goveners tag bull. The early bull Az. rifle hunts should be winding up about now, I wonder whats next ?
I think the AZ bull is nontypicle though, but i may be wrong. If so it would not compete with this bull for #1