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Sep 22, 2002
Atlanta, GA
I just found this board due to a long thread over at 24 hr campfire about DS's Doll Sheep. I don't have a dog in that hunt, but it made for some interesting reading, and I now know more about "full curls" than a georgia boy should. Looks like this board has good folks with plenty of knowledge and opinions, and I look forward to chewing the fat with yall.
Good shooting, Weagle
As you can tell from the photo the deer weighed 300 lbs and had a 30 inch spread... just kidding.

Actually this deer was killed in south ga on my father in law's deer lease. The buck was following about 3 does across a hay field and at first I thought he was just another doe since he was walking with his head down and his antlers were obscured by the tall hay. He stopped at about 150 yds and raised his head to look around. When I saw the antlers I put the cross hairs of my 788 remington behind his shoulder and took the shot. I was shooting handloaded 7mm08 rounds using a 140 grain ballistic tip and it punched him clean through the lungs and he made one leap and piled up. Since he weighed close to 200 lbs it was very nice to pull the truck up right were he fell and load him up. He is definitely my best deer to date. Good shooting, Weagle

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Welcome aboard. Great to have new input. By your postings I think you'll fit in great around here. Nice looking deer you took.
Moosie, Thanks. I am a member of 5 hunting related boards, and I visit them all on a daily basis. I read a lot and post a little, but I really enjoy all the different opinions and the knowledge that people share.
I use the same handle on all of the boards so I'm pretty easy to identify. I've been deer hunting in GA and Alabama for 26 years, but I hope to hunt elk, sheep and other critters some day, so I like to read all of the big game related stuff. Good shooting, Weagle
Sorry about the lack of Welcomes, BUT when a fight is going on.. DARN people think that's everything : ) HAHA

HEY, lemme start off by calling you a name... I was reading that it was a 30" buck and took a quick look back at it, then read the rest of your post
NOt that I was gonig to call you a lier ;) but.....

In all honesty thats a DAM NICE buck, I haven't had the opertunity to hunt whitetail's yet, have alot of offers but haven't hunted any yet.... I love seeing the pictures though !!!

ANYWAYS, welcome to the board, I'm sure as heck not trying to steal and 24hour members, I like rick (TTHE OWNER OF THAT BOARD) alot. Well, we put up with each other.. well.. he puts up with me I guess

Anyways, thanx for the picture, nothing like coming to a new home and introducing yourself with a DAM FINE animal !!! YOU da man !!!
Dakota, That fine young man in the background is my nephew. He's not too into hunting or fishing, more into baseball and football. Good shooting, Weagle
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