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Jan 16, 2001
Rigby, ID USA
Howdy, Looks like a great forum you got here, I like the fact it seems to have a lot of folks from western states with real experience.

My passion is elk in eastern ID, but I recently built a cabin near Cave Falls and the South East corner of Yellowstone Park. The local folks talk about bears being pretty thick and I plan to give baiting them a try in the spring. Any words of advice out there for a baiting newbie?

Anyone had Griz on thier baits before?

Thanks! Keep up the interesting topics

first of all WELCOME to the forum that moose built! and it is the very best on the net!!!!

did ya get a chance to see "selecting a bait site" Moose outlines baiting (idaho) pretty good and theres also other good advice in that topic!! hes out hunting right now but im sure he will be glad to help when he gets back in!!! so pull up a stump and stay awhile!

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Thanks for the reply, Looks like I spoke to soon. After posting the message I got to looking around and found a lot info already posted.

Still interested in Griz coming to bait stories or meeting up with bears on the way in or out of the site.

Hurry up spring!
I've had grizz come into a bait several times. I haven't had any bad run in's. I had to shoot in the air couple of times to get a couple of them to leave. I only had one that acted like he would have taken me, but I was up a tree. I always sit in a tree while I'm hunting over a bait in grizz country.
Do you live anywhere near the road that runs from Flagg ranch, WY to Ashton, ID. I used to hunt bear in that country years ago.
Welcome to Moosie's neighbor. I never had a griz come in to my baits, only blackies coming in at night and a wolverine.

I would like to welcome you also. I thought that area was closed in the spring due to Mr. Griz. What can you tell me about baiting in there?

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I usually hunted that area the first of sept and I wasn't baiting. I would just hit the huckleberry patches. So I don't know what the baiting regs are.
I did try to get thru that road the 15th of may one year, but couldn't because of the snow.
Actually, My cabin is less than 3 miles north of that road (Flagg Ranch road/Reclaimation road)and that is the area I am looking at. Sheep Falls on Fall River looks to be a good general area, and a few other areas even closer held a lot of bear sign during the elk season this year. The reason I ask about Griz, is that I have heard a high number of problem Griz get dropped in the SW corner of the park, west of Flagg Ranch on into Bechler Meadows. How was your success when you baited in this area?

How was the elk population when you hunted bear there? Now it appears to migrate in and out of the park, as seasons open and close, before making a mad dash to winter on the desert west of Rexburg.


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