New Optics on the Hawken Accuracy Test

Oct 27, 2011
Well, not only is the Hawken updates with new steel trim " Still a work in progress" I got some new contacts and wanted to see how well she " the lady that did my eyes" got them as far as open sight shooting goes.

Im using a 32" barrel with 1:66 twist in .58 caliber shooting patched round balls.

90gr Olde Eynsford 2fg
.018" patches
Frontier's anti-rust & Patch lube
Home cast .570" round balls
Hot Shot Nipple
CCI #11 caps

No swabbing or cool down was needed today as the sun was down and quite comfortable.

Distance: 100 yards. Masking take over the rear sight is basically a sun shade to cut the glare of the sun as it was over my back left shoulder.

Steel Hawken style trigger upgrade. I hated that brass hooked finger thing!


First 2 shots,

4 shots total,

I am using a thinner .018" patch for testing its accuracy and while its extremely accurate, I see small signs of my 90gr 2fg load being boarder line from gas cutting. This load I shoot out to 170 yards with great accuracy, so I am not worried about using more powder. Olde Eynsford is like T7 in the black powder world, a hotter more powerful powder which lets you cut back in grains to achieve the same FPS as you would if you use normal goex/pyrodex.

I am thrilled!

Another change was the wedge key. The steel wedge key plates used the thicker "height wise" wedge key and I had to file fit the plates for it to go through. My barrel and tang is completely bedded so I was worried about some wiggle room between the barrel and wedge key. All appears to be just fine as it is.

i've been making the patch lube for almost 3 months now and months and months of research and testing. It took a while, but so far, its kept rust out of my guns, reloads nicely after as many as 12 shots and is accurate.

Dan O

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Oct 28, 2014
Seeley Lake, Mt
Nice write up!!! I like to see a real muzzleloader once in a while. (That will ruffle some feathers) ;) It's amazing the accuracy you can achieve with a patched round ball. The ballistic numbers do not reflect their ability to put game down but they do.
Did you build this?


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Jul 7, 2012
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Before all of the modern crap, I used nothing but round balls and conical bullets in my traditional muzzle loaders. I never had a problem getting good accuracy with my round ball rifle. I really like the .58 caliber. I shot two elk with my 1853 Enfield musket replica using the 540-grain new-style maxis.

That is a great-looking rifle. I wish more states would have stayed true to the authentic muzzle loading, but welcome to the world!


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Aug 21, 2012
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Great looking gun indeed and apparent that you have done a lot of homework, benchwork and testing. Great to see that passion for the old stuff. You are shooting better groups than most modern scoped ML these days due to your attention to every detail. My dad was a crack shot with his as well. I remember cutting patches out of his old t-shirts until I had blisters from the scissors. Probably my first 4 deer were taken with a roundball as well. Thanks for sharing!


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Feb 3, 2003
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Good shooting there FrntMzllng. It really is fun to see someone shooting sidelocks to good effect. We have a house full, from .32-.62 cal and burn lots of black around here. What lube were you using? Have you tried a 7 to 1 mix of water sol. cutting oil? It seems to be one of the most consistant with a large number of shooters at Friendship these days.
Whatever you are doing, Don't change a thing for that gun though, very nice group.
Oct 27, 2011
Yeah 7-1 is good for the range but I like to use what I hunt with in the field. The water based lubes let you shoot all day long but when it comes to keeping rust out or keeping the patch protected, its not good for hunting.

I produce my own patch lube. I did a ton of research, testing and such before bottling it. It does a hell of a job keeping rust off/out of steel.

Don't be fooled by the yellow color, my ingredients are not used by any other patch lube maker due to the price. No waxes, no petro, no crisco/chapstick gimmick.

1 month test. I forget how many dozens of times it was rained/hails on. I do know it was snowed on 4 to 6 times though.

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