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New bow

gar man

New member
Mar 5, 2003
southwest missouri
Last night I picked up my new hoyt ultra tec. The few shots I have taken with it have been really impressive. My old hoyt raptor was worn out. Anybody shooting an ultra tec?
Mtmiller that was set up for a 30" draw. Are you interrested in it? it is still a good bow I just got tired of carring the same bow. Killed alot of whitetails with it and a few turkeys.
As far as the hoyt versus mathews debate, my dad has ribbed me alittle about that he is a mathews man I've always been a hoyt man. With the unlimited doe tags in Missouri we will see who can stack the most up this fall.
Damn, too long for me. Actually, your set up was identical to mine. I went to the Pro shop and he said the 30" draw was too much. I am now shooting a BowTech at 26". If you need any parts from another Hoyt Raptor, let me know. Otherwise, it may be my next fishing bow.