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New Bear Drawing, no not "Bare"...Bear!

Big Sky

Well-known member
Dec 22, 2000
North Central Montana
Just in case you missed this in the Bear or Fireside forum I'll post this here. Well I haven't posted anything for a while, but I thought I'd let you all know I haven't fallen off the planet. In fact I've been quite busy creating new artwork. I thought some of you might enjoy this sneak preview of an illustration that is on it's way to Bear Hunting Magazine. I don't normally draw predators in aggressive poses but I've had a rough/stressful couple of weeks lately. I thought it would be better to express my mood through art rather than acting out irrationally. Anyway I hope some of you enjoy this new drawing. Enjoy, Troy Adams a.k.a. Big Sky.


Cool, Troy!........is it the cover or inside the rag? Good to see your getting the exposure. You definitely have skills my man!