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Need more tips!! Help!


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Apr 28, 2004
So Utah
We finally got into the season here in Utah, and got our bait set up. We have done all the things that were suggested on this site when we asked for tips, and now we have bears hitting the bait
every night. Now we need some more help!
How do you get them to come into the bait during daylight hours? Is there any hints that anyone has to help us out. There is one huge bear that we would like to try to harvest, but they always hit at night.
Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!
I've never tried it, but rumor has it you can turn on a battery powered radio when you leave for the evening and then come back first thing the next morning and turn it off. A couple nights of that might modify the bears habits more to your liking. If you try it, let us know if it works for ya.
There are several suggestions. The radio thing if you have the time. If close to the bait site.

There is if using a barrell close it up during the night and open it up first thing in the morning. Do that for a few days and the bears will be fighting over who gets it.

There is if having multiple bears hitting limiting the bait you put out so there is more of a drive to get to the bait first and the dominant bear or the bigger bear will more than likely come to it or stay closer to it.

There is using a cow bell with a long rope attached to it so every time you leave you ring that bell and the bears will get used to hearing it ring and know that the person left. Do that for a week or 2 to get them used to it. Then when the time comes for you to hunt it 2 guys walk in the 1 guy walks out and rings the bell and they think no one is there and there you have bears coming in.
These are some tips I learned.
Hey Supersider, Thanks for the ideas! No plastic, metal, etc can be used at the bait site here in Utah, so that on is out. I am too far from the bait to do the radio thing morning and night. I like the bell idea. I've heard that some bears get accustomed to hearing a ATV leave and then come in for dinner, kind of the same situation as the cowbell. We believe that we have had 3 or 4 hitting the bait from our trail cam photos, and they are eating us out of house and home, so maybe if we don't leave so much stuff there every night, that may work. I like the ideas and appreciate your help. We have some photos of some nice bears so hopefully we can get one in and arrow him as soon as possible. My daughter has an elk permit starting 9/18. so I'd like to get this over in the next week or so.
Appreciate the help. Will post some photos if we can put everything together!!
Thanks Again.
You can also try a burn grease bacon honey ect.. start it right when you get there and put it out before you leave everytime you bait. dont let it burn to long give about 20 minutes each time and make a lot of noise while baiting and let them know when you are leaving ringing a bell or anything else .
Hope you let the air outta one .
We just started getting hit last Friday night. We had quite a stack of goodies in there but now we are getting hit every night and by possibly 3 or 4 different bears. We have been baiting every night since it started getting hit. Don't know whether to hold off or keep adding to it each day. They have pretty well cleaned up everything that we had there originally, plus everything we take up daily...
AR...we start off feedin them heavy an as they season gets closer we back off on the amount of feed put out to make them compete more an wanna come in earlier.

About a week or so before hunters arrive...we start baitin the site at the approximate time we will be puttin hunters out...2 pmish.

Those big bears dont get big by bein stupid.Some of them stay alive by bein no matter what you feed,they'll stay that way.Your best chance at them is within minutes of too dark to see em.

Good luck to ya.Hope you get a monster.

Another question, how much bait do you usually put out when you bait it for hunting? Maybe I am overdoing it and there is enough for them all!!!! Guess I'll try backing off and not putting as many yummies out and see what happens... How much should I try???
It also depends on if there is any other baiting activity going on , food ect... If you have a lot of berries you need to get the hook into them bears with sweets cookies candy ect.. Make a syrup to poor over everything and try to bait a little before you will be normaly sittin your stand if you can . It may mean getting up real early .
Man, I am probably feeding them way too much. I have been taking at least (2) 5 gallon buckets of goods in every afternoon. I'm feeding them pastries and meat scraps, covered with a little honey. (hot dogs, sausages, etc) I'm sure there are multiple bears coming in so I thought I had better keep it well stocked. Should I be backing off? Looks like that may help with my problem!
Well I have one bait that I put out 55 gallons of pastries every other day and one that gets baited with 55 gallons almost everyday they are wiped out and have bears coming and going all day some big bears and some little bears both during all hours of the day .
Just so you know I am a hounddogger, most would never assocciate with a houndguy and those that do would just as soon take it to thier grave . ;)
I've taken out two 5 gallon buckets of "yard" apples, one every two days. But nothing has hit my bait yet. I started the site with burning some honey and bacon grease. How often do you need to burn it? I'm trying to locate some "Taco Slime" fryer grease. Do you think that'll work to draw them in?
Anise is the best attractant on the planet IMO.You can find it at most trapper supply joints.Spray it around a little.The smell is like black licorice an carries forever on the wind.Its also very oily an heavy dews an rains dont seem to dissapate it much.

10 Bears...smash some of the apples so to give more scent off.

Good luck.
Idaho, I have nothing against hounddoggers. In fact, we have chased a lot of cats and enjoy it a lot. We are thinking of maybe trying these bears with dogs this weekend. There is going to be a lot of activity in the form of bird hunting, and ATV riders in the next week and I'm afraid they may run off everything we have worked for.
10 bears..I put out apples a few times after we got the bears really hitting good, and they didn't seem to care much for them as long as there were sweets there. It took us a week of good hard baiting and burning before we got one bear in and then it has been crazy since then..
I think a lot depends on how many animals are in the area you are baiting!! Good Luck..
I use sea food (lobsters and clam) shells this will bring them into to site, they wont eat them but they can smell them from a long way.

we also use vinilla works like anise but cost less and you can find it in almost any store. put it into a spray bottle and spray it all around the stand everytime your there, then when your hunting use it like a cover scent. good luck