My AZ deer hunt!!


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Dec 20, 2000
I had a great week in AZ hunting. Just got to remember to take the keys out of the truck when locking it up!!! I didn't get one, but Del had put me in the right spots I just couldn't close the deal.

On the first day of hunting I saw two Coues' does and had slipped to within about 60 yards of them. Now that was fun. I'm used to hunting from treestands so the only thing I'm used to sneaking up on is LUNCH! Later that day Del lead me to another area and on the way out of the first I saw a small Coues' buck. Once we got camp set up at the new place, Del, Anthony, and I were walking and jump 3 does and a small forkhorn about 150 yards(if that) from camp. That was enough to get the blood going.

The next day I did lots of walking and did see a couple of does.

The third day I didn't see anything all morning, but that changed quickly at about 4pm. I was slipping around the butte that was near camp so I could set up near where we saw the deer the first day. I'm slipping as quietly as I can, which I figure sounds like a dumptruck full of cymbals driving along a railroad track!! All of the sudden, 30 yards away a doe stands up. I grabb an arrow, nock it and get my release on the string as she starts walking off. Right behind where she stood up a BUCK stands up!!! I draw and just as I'm getting to full draw he starts quartering away from me. He hit a small opening at about 35 yards, but was through it before I could get my pin settled on him. He finally clears the brush and stand broadside looking at me at about 50 yards!!! I settle my 40 yard pin on his back, but know I'm not gonna shoot, 50 yards is outside of my comfort zone. Then as I'm looking through the peep site a doe steps between the buck and I about 25 yards and just stands there. I drop my bow so as to bring my 20 yard pin to bear just a little above the shoulder blade. My aim steadies, I get the coppery taste in my mouth as the adrenalive flows, and I wrap my finger around the trigger of my release...I then smile and let down as I had now been at full draw for a couple of minutes. I was in a buck only unit so I had to let her walk. The dear, which were mulies, pogo sticked their way up an over the next ridge. I tried to circle around to catch up with them, but the effort was futile. Though I didn't get a deer this encounter was worth the whole trip!!! It was almost as nice as getting to meet Del and his family!!

I'll quit rambling now, just wanted to fill ya all in.
HEY TYLER.. Uhhhhhhh THATS a good story and all....


What about that Nekkid dude :D :D :D TELL us that story !!!!!!!

Nekkid dude??? I thought he was hunting deer? Com'on with that one. Can't stop with a teaser......What's up with nekkid dudes? :cool:
Hey 1pointer,I dont know whats up with that moosie fella always wanted to hear about the naked guy :eek: :eek:
Im just happy you saw game and had a great time. :D :D
P.S. But if you did get pictures of that guy go ahead and post them for moosie
;) ;)
Didn't get any pics of the 'Streaker', but here's the story.

I was meeting Del at the end of this road because we were gonna move camp. So I meet him and he tells me about where we're going and I start to follow him to the highway. All of the sudden I see this Nissan Xterra pulled off the road and there's a lawn chair behind it. I see the guy walking to the back of the vehicle as Del is passing him. I thought I'd be the nice guy and wave. As my hand is in the air he rounds a bush and I notice he's nekkid. I keep on waving and he sees me and waves back like I'm some long lost relative. I just kept driving. I thought about asking him if he needed any help but I hate it when things get misunderstood!!! :eek:
Sounds like you guys had a great time!......always good to get out and get after'em............sorry I couldn't make it this time......but thanks for the invite all the same.
LMAO that was funny with the nekkid guy.. I still wish I would have caught that on the vid camera...
Glad you had a good time.. its kinda warm up there now.. the temps in the 80's here in phx or close to anyway...

Ok, so Moosie feels better now having heard about the nekkid dude!

Me, I want to hear about nekkid wimmins! ;) :D :D


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