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Jan 10, 2001
Grand Lake Stream ME USA
Congrats on your bear.I would gess your bear around 280# from your pictur of him.
You posted that he was 5'6" in your post did you get a gerth mesurment of his chest????
I have a chart that will give estimated weight by length and girth mesurements.
The veriance in weight from this chart is within 10-15 pounds and never more than 20-25 pounds.if you have a field dressed weight of your bear and want to know the live weight its approximatly 19% greater.
Tobey - thanks man......I didn't get a girth on him.....but here's a better angled pic......I just saw a similar formula on another site.....I'll know to get one next time....Damn, I keep learning chit on this site!? :confused:

Ithaca - great pics & Nice bear...looks like you've been on some great hunts!

Moosie - as for Mt^Boy, I laugh hardest on this site... keep up the good work!! :D

As for the bear, I just had some beginners luck, while I was out having a blast.... If anyone needs a lesson in of shooting dink deer, though - I AM the EXPERT!!!....gotta like that veal-nison

I'll shut-TFUp now...


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mtnboy, congrats on an excellent looking bear! love that jet black and buck-skin muzzle! thansk for the pics!!:D
Mnt-boy.. I took te picture you gave me with the mask off and painted your face like a clown..... Want I should post it ;) J/K

Hahaa, well if I saw that, I'd have to break out the bomb - that photo of you caught in the act....:eek: I didn't want to have to pay that guy for it, but ya gotta do, whacha gotta... ;) :D

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Dohhhhhhhhh.... DANG, I forgot about that.. I wish I would have Out bid you now :mad: