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Mar 28, 2001
Ohio but my heart is always in the woods
This is the only day I got for muzzleloader season.
Well we left the house at 3:45 am EST after I was up all night. We arrived at the lease at the start of legal shooting time 7:20 am.
Met up with a couple other fellas and found out where they would be at and it worked out well for me. I went to exactly where I wanted to go for today. So I slowly still hunted toward the area,stopping and waiting. I then decided since the wind was right to take a shortcut. It was working out well. I found a place on the ridge that gave me a great view.BUT I then decided that this other tree was better. MISTAKE!.
As I got halfway the whiteflags started along with breaking branches. I bleated at them and they actually stopped about 70 yards away. However they were positioned to where I had no clear shot. So after a few more secs they left.
So After kicking myself a few times I watched a gray squirrel scamper about. I even had thoughts about taking a shot at 10 yards as he was watching me. The squirrel kept pestering me enough to where I started still hunting some more. Well I fianlly got about 90 yards away when I started hearing breaking branches at the top of the ridge above me. Couldnt see anything after it stopped a bit. So I slowly went some more. Breaking branches again. I slowly watched the area for a bit when I saw some movement. As I was making the thing out ,it coughed. It was a man. He also wasnt wearing any hunter orange. He was also watching me. WTF! He ticked me off. He was trespassing for one and not wearing orange to top it off. So I went up toward the ridge. The guy then took off over toward where the road is. Dang it.. He went downhill as I was going uphill so I never caught up with him to tell him that with some people they shoot before confirming the target.

Well that ended that at around 10:15 am

Met up with Vipe and then I went back to same area at noon.

Around 12:50 ,after almost falling asleep again, I caught movement and brown! It was a couple of deer. Both were does. But it didnt matter to me.
So I waited until I had a clear broadside shot at around 60 yards on one. I aimed and fired! BOOOM! 50 caliber 350 grain maxiball propelled with 90 grains of Pryodex went at it. I look up from the smokepole and is still standing and browsing like NOTHING happened.

So what the heck I missed.....oops. So then the fun really started. As I watched the deer I was trying to reload the rifle. Now this is fun...try putting in powder with the shakes....and not being able to find the powder measure.... I actually accomplished it though . Then ramming the maxiball in with my bare hand because I couldnt find the short ramrod to start it. Then putting a percussion cap on after dropping two of them. Finally I was ready again...the deer was still there but no clear shot. Finally had a clear shot but it was the ass shot. I said to myself....not this time
I tried grunting at them with a doe grunt .... But all they did was leave.

Then at around 4 pm the wind changed on me and I left.
Ah, Nut, you forgot rule number 1: "Short cuts make for long delays."
At least you did get a shot; you had all of the fun with none of the work afterwards.

Kinda sounds like we need to make a trip up there and hang some posted signs this summer. Maybe plant a few land mines and trip wires while we're at it.
Nut sounds like you guys had fun anyway.....

You really need to get a vid camera so we can see some of the pics

Nut, I had the same thing happen. I shot at a spike buck with my traditional smoke pole and he looked up took two steps and started eating again. Like you I was rushing to reload and dropping stuff. I finally got the gun reload aimed, and the damn deer fell over before I had a chance to shoot the second shot. The first shot hit home, he just didn't fall. It probably took me a full minute or so to reload that he stood there eating.

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Sounds like a successful day, nut! You got a shot. Too bad about the trespassing monkey.

Well I found out something tonight.... not good. I didnt miss the deer.....The powder went off and the ball didnt discharge. Then I loaded another bullet on top of it just like I posted.

It scares me. I totally screwed the pooch almost. I even thought I saw the ramrod reach the correct mark last Sunday. I am doing a little thinking on this. Man I could have been killed if I had fired the muzzleloader again and it actually went off.
Some day you will be in the right place at the right time and score big..At least you can keep telling yourself that any way..LOL..

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