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More fun w/ Rich..


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Jul 20, 2003
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Ok gang, ElkChsr made a good point and I'd like to expand the fun w/ this pic.. Think of a product and/or a slogan for this picture..

"Rigor Coyote- When you absolutely HAVE to convince your friends you're a good caller"

"Old Spice - So nasty, it'll fool even the pickiest of carrion eaters"

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When odor control is importent, and you want those critters in close. Use Starkist. The chicken of the sea.
Pesky hunters got you down? Try the new Hunter Be Gone decoy coyote, it calls those hunters in real close for the perfect shot. This grizzled old hunter was called in to 5 feet and taken w/ a Louisville Slugger.

We did this ole hunter a favor as he was suffering from mange. He was missing most of his hair and had a mean limp as he came in. We were hesitant to take him considering he had a pup with him.

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Clever, W@W, but unkind. It's not nice to mock the afflicted. Bear in mind you and I will be hunting together again in the future. You will carry a camera and I will carry a loaded gun. Just a thought.
"Is it real,or Memorex"....Honestly; I can't tell which old hide is the stiff,rigored,dead one, and which is the one still sucking wind?
Alright Rich, but I still say making me wear the deer cape and antlers during the rut is NOT an effective coyote lure..

Oh, and don't feel bad, my hairline is making its last stand before retreating down my back to my heels. I figure by the time I'm 50 it'll have made its way back around to my kneecaps.

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