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more big wood pics


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Aug 22, 2002
these thing can humble you

My wife like the "big Ones" too

heres the buck i saw walking in the fog, not much for tines but he was a wide one
Heres the biggest tree in the world, picture doesn't do justice as the fence we are standing by is about 30 feet from the tree. The trunk is 37 feet across at the base!

Heres why i was in CA in the first place, i had to work the International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach over the weekend so i used my last few vacation days to make a week of it. We saw the Hearst Castle (awsome),Did Wine tasting and buying.. , Wenr to Tijuana for a couple days, saw the big trees, the Queen Mary ship (sucked), ate like a pig every day and the wife got smashed on socki at a sushi bar one nite and pulled a puker so i didnt get any that nite. Thats about it.
Heres a pic of her at the show when she stopped to bug me during the day. She wants this new sporty
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>the wife got smashed on socki at a sushi bar one nite and pulled a puker so i didnt get any that nite<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

That is funny as H-E-Double Hockey Sticks!

Sounds like you had a great time. Love the pics, the one of the deer is pretty cool.
Hey, I've pulled a few of those! There's nothing like a PUKING RALLY!!!

Nice Sportster! Was Orange County or Jesse James' bikes there? I think a certain part of me would grow 2" just to sit on a Diablo!
Cool Pictures. I went there as a Kid, But when you're a kid everything is BIG !! DADS are big, single wide trailers are big, and bicycles are big. So one tree to the next, they are ALL big.

I'd like to go as an Adult to really grasp the "AWWWW" of it all !!

Cool pictures man !!
See that's where we should take a joint vacation bro. I'd love to head over to see the trees again too!
I would recommend it to anyone. Its not quite the WOW as like the Grand Canyon but danm close. I didnt know there was a big difference between the redwood and these giant Seqoua (spelling) trees.
Tijuana was fun too, but a little scary at the same time. We took a 30 minute bus ride from Tijuana to Rosarito beach. We drove off the tourist part of the city, past the mexican army base, and into the dirtiest,poorest place i have ever seen to get to the resort town of Rosarito. There is no excuse for the way those people live, poor or not. To toss your garbage out the window of your car and house is just plain ignorant. It reminded me how lucky we are here in the good old USA
I love the site of great trees, whether standing at stoic attention for the world to see, or lying flat with a properly done face cut!!!
Thanks for the pics!!!