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Moosies Sheep hunt, Pics and Vid


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
I appreciate all the Kudos in the post I had up. Since T-bone took the time to post a story I'LL post mine too. Have a tons of pics but I'll just pulled a few out for the story.

Hunt According to Moosie :

9/3 I’m in the Office, Trying to get last min stuff done, Gunner calls and says flights from Reno are canceled due to high winds. I knew he was joking because I was really wanting to go so I tell him to Fugg off and he laughs and wishes me well wishes. 10 Mins later T-bone calls saying that flight is delayed and will call me. Talk about carma. He was cutting out so I didn’t get the scoop. Apparently only 45 mins or so behind schedule. I call back Gunner to cuss him for jinxing us. I pull up to the Airport @ 4:30 PM and see T-bone with ALL grins. We load up and have a last dinner at the Sour Dough Lodge (My elk hunting camp) and head to Challis. 11PM we pull into the Crags parking spot and 9 Vehicles are there. I think of “Arcats” last comment about the other 5 people in the area opening day and I’ll be left in the Dust. We can only hope for the best now.

The trip was long with T-bone getting car sick. I let him drive the last leg making fun of him all the way for being a wass bag. (What good bud’s do when the other is sick). We spread all our stuff out and my Kelty (COUGH)CRAP PACK(COUGH) is loaded up and then I swapped a few items with T-bone and we sit in the front seat for a snooze at around 11:45 PM. I sleep for about 1 hour and wake up with a head ache. My belly is turning and I get out the truck. I try to get fresh air but the head is spinning. Almost puking off and on the next hour I climb in and out of the truck 8-10 times knowing I’m not getting any sleep……


4Am T-bone wakes and get’s the idea to take off hiking. I’m feeling like a cat run over by a truck so I say HELL YAH !! Thinking a nap at noon is in order though. The hill starts off with some wussy switchbacks and the hike starts. 12 miles later we’re eating lunch at the end of the Trail 12 miles in. We run into a tent camper from NY that said NO-ONE has been in there for days. I feel better as the Outfitters camp that’s usually there isn’t in sight. We are solo in an area we should be in. We brake for 20 Mins to dry the Socks, and move on bush whacking up a Draw. Coming into the first chance of smoking a Sheep.

T-bone spots a Ram (2 of them actually he says) and I pull out the spotter. After further looking it was only 2 rocks, but it got the scene set for the next 3 days. We bail off the ridge into a endless pit of trees, rocks and blow downs. Rumor has it the Outfitter gets a horse in there. I think the horse must be a Pegasus because we’re using our hands and knees to mitigate a trail through this mess.



We’re now at the bottom of what I thought was the hardest draw in the area...... little did I know it was going to get worse. We refuel with water knowing water won’t be in our favor for the Next 30 hours.


Then the last leg of the climbing begins. I think I’m doing well, feeling my pants falling as my waistline is shrinking at every step. A belt was on the list (2 sitting by the door) and I left them both at home. We roll into a saddle and T-bone tells us this is "home" for the night. I look at the 12 degree pitch on the ground and he says we throw our packs under our feet to level it out. Great Idea *ROLL EYES* but I’m too tired to argue.



Knowing we couldn’t make a stalk that night but wanting to glass T-bone talks me into grabbing dinner and heading up to glass. I think I grab everything and look like a kid at school with books under each arm dropping stuff as I walk. He looks at me and offers to take my stuff. As I pull the binos to my face my eyes close. Each time I tried it didn’t work. I think there was some Magnetic force on it and I tell T-bone I’m going to bed. I don’t remember much but well before daylight awake glad I wasn’t sleeping in the Truck and Fired up again !!! We take to glassing and like clockwork sheep come over the hill. T-bone keeps thinking there is a Ram in there and I keep Dousing his thinking with the Spotting scope Ovis Let me borrow. Now this is the 2nd time T-bone swears there is a Ram. As they run and eat, we video them and glass. “RAM” he says “On the skyline” as I whip the scope around…… Dang, must have walked back over he says........ (3x’s if you’re counting still).
We don’t see what we want and bail out off the ridge into a Pit just to climb back up the Other side and Pitch a tent. We’re back on top of the world. We spend till dark looking, Glassing and hoping.



The day starts pre light again breaking camp and Covering much ground. We try to be in a spot but the terrain and lack of Crampons and Climbing gear slow us down. We do tons of glassing and T-bone spots some sheep. Care to guess If I see them ? Are they really there ? Is he now having Flashbacks of Prior hunts ? Time will tell……



We climb off the Hill and Cross Valley to another ridge around the Hill side. We are at a turning point in our trip. I want to go one way, Him another. We talk about time frames, both options and after 20 mins he says Let’s go my way (It’s my story so I’m saying it like I want.. Hehe).

We drop off into a Rockslide, Dropping off 6’-15’ Cliffs that go into Boulder Slides 20’-endless cliffs afterwards. Sometimes we get lucky and there is bushes to grab but only thorn bushes. Great fun but you never realize the thorn pain just happy you and your uncomfortable 65# pack doesn’t drop off the Face of the earth.

We hit the Bottom of Roaring creek. This is new lands and looks like a different area. Running river, green grass, and blow down trees. Trees with some being 2-3’ in diameter and some stacked 8-10 feet off the ground. Being a Roofer I’m in my Domain. I hop from tree to tree walking and going and realizing I’m fairing better then my counterpart that had been leaving me in the dust prior.

With light fading and Us not making it to be we wanted to be, T-bone feels we should stop. He trys to lift his leg over Logs kicking them in the middle before making it on top of them. “Here’s a FLAT SPOT” he says. Now Picture 45-75 Degree angles every were and walking up to a 20% slope. Sure it looks flat but sleeping would be a Challenge. I accept the Challenge and camp we make.

T-bone quickly Spots Some Goats above camp. Kind of neat to have game that close.

Morning brings us to climbing the North Slope going over trees in the Morning. T-bone’s balance savvy isn’t all there pre dawn as I see him fall off a log 8’ off the Ground with arms and Feet in the air and landing on his pack in the brush below. Like a good Friend I ask if He’s OK before I laugh hysterically.

We get up to a spot the we’re calling good. We sit, and start glassing. It isn’t 10 mins till I hear “RAM”. I don’t even blink now. I’m like “WHATEVER” and keep looking at the other mountain. He takes the Glass down and then he put’s in back and says “There it is !!!” I’m interested now and Sit right next to him glassing in that direction as he pulls out the Scope. The next 15 mins is him looking swearing he saw a ram twice and can’t find it again. WTF ? How do you loose a RAM ? It’s only 600 Yards away, Pick a Spot and remember. (This will come to haunt me).

The sun comes up and we need to look at the other Mountain. You guessed it “RAM”. I think I say something but He says “Even you can see this one it’s on the ridge”. And BLAM, I see my first ram !! It’s a toad at ¾ miles away. I strain and not blink not wanting to loose it. It doesn’t take long till we find 1 more, then another. Cool 3 in a Bachelor group. After 15 mins a 4th come out, another bruiser. We giggle like School girls and Shake uncontrollably for the next 2 hours till the first one beds. Then another. And I prep to leave. T-bone offers water and my packs and I got sheep on the brain and know I will either blow it or have a Dead ram down by noon. I take off with a knife and my gun.

2 hours later its noon with no rams in sight. My mouth is like cotton and I can hardly talk. I’ve been hiking up and Down this ridge popping over and drying up with every step. The plan was for me to stay up there and Ambush them for they wouldn’t bed till dark.

I stare in the Cloudless sky absorbing the heat when I finally wake up T-bone at 2:50 He tells me to sleep and 10 mins later He found them again. I put on another 1+ hour stalk pulling myself over vertical cliffs and going were I probably shouldn’t but I knew this was It. Now or never. I popped over the Last ridge and Saw the Sheep at 60 yards. I video taped it for a bit and snuck around looking for the other 3.

I caught the 2 smaller ones, and the 2nd to biggest. Where was the BIG ONE ? Knowing I wouldn’t blink at shooting the 2nd to biggest one I watched and glassed until …. OOPS, BUSTED !!! The little caught me scratching my nuts or something and the Camcorder was set up on the ram I was going to shoot. As I got into Position before the Western Rodeo happened it just stepped out of sight and BOOM !!! One shot through the Vitals and the Ram was down. At this point my fluidless body wasn’t thinking straight and I didn’t even want to walk the 80-100 yards up to it to see it. I finally did and then took care of a bit of skinning and Headed back to camp. I drank 2-32 OZ jugs and Started on my 48 Oz when T-bone came into camp. I asked for my 100 Oz bladder and He said He drank it…. And His 100 Oz….. and His Lunch, My Lunch and the ½ of breakfast bar I didn’t finish. Apparently it was Hard to sit and Glass all day *SMILE*.




We talked and told tales and with water in me and a trip to the river for more the food came out and we rejoiced !!!! Plans of sleeping in till 9-10 AM and Having a Huge Breakfast was talked about before the eyes closed.

3AM came with a “HEY Moosie, you awake.” With me staring at the roof of the Tent I said “YES”. And the good Idea of taking off began. 16.5 Hours later we stumbled into the truck.

I wouldn’t have made it to the truck without T-bones constant pushing of me and knowing the area. I’m looking forward to when he draws so I can go back in and Punish myself for him………..
After Reading the Story, Here is a Few Clips to put things into Perspective :

Here is a Clip of one spot we hiked in on day one :

Some Ewes and Lambs we saw on day 2 :

Came across a bear :

Tyson on another Slide down. Can you imagine when we came out of here !!!!!

Monday We came across goats :


And what out monday camp looked like :

Is that sheep we see T-bone ?

The part were I said I ran out of water.... This is What my mouth looked like.

I'm on the Sheep and finding the right one :

This is the Final Shot. I didn't have a Camera man and Set the Camera down on a rock trying to get it on film. The little ones Busted me and I was watching the Sheep instead of the Camera. It walked just off the Screen and I shot the 2nd to biggest one. What can ya do ? I'll tell ya, You finish the Hunt knowing you've gone toe to toe with a Majestic animal and a tag of your life is now filled :

After I shot mine, the Bigger one came out. Shed a Tear of Joy/sadness with me as you watch this Magnificent Animal Run off.....

Congrats on the successful hunt moosie!

That is a beautiful ram and very nice kill pics!

Man alive you guys that must of been one thrilling hunt ! I can't stop clapping that was a great story you and T- Bone make a great pair my hats off to both of you. Alsome country, I can relate to 3 and 4 foot diameter logs stacked like match sticks its hell to get though. I hunted on the Montana, Idaho border west of Libby Montana sure is rough terrain. Bill
I can honestly say that between your story, TBone's story, the photos and the video that this is officially beats the heck out of the best magazine article I've ever read. For that matter it's better than anything I've ever seen by any professionally produced video company. This was all so real. It was as close to being there as it gets. I take my hat off to you both. OUTSTANDING!
Oh and btw Moosie, that ram of yours looks great from both sides. :D
Bigsky, I posted a Post to Chit-ka on 24-hour in their campfire section ..

Thanx for the Kudos Guys, Time to pack up for adventure # 2 with Wylee in Colorado !! Stay tune for MORE ACTION ;) Buuahh hahahahhaha !!!!!

That has got to be the BEST hunting story I have every had the privledge of reading not mention the the awesome photos. After reading it, it made my mtn goat hunt look like childs play. Congratulations on a hunt of a lifetime!
I only have dail up here. The last time I had this much stuff downloading was ---- oh never mind. The trouble with these pics and videos is,all other hunts this year are going to be down hill. :D :D :D
Moosie and T-bone, Nice hunt,stories,pics and vids.
Great hunt and video Oscar and T-bone. Way to go and glad you both made it out in 1 piece.LOL Congrats on a good hunt.
That was a heckuva hunt. Between the story, the pics and the video, nothing was left to the imagination. I would like to see more of this. Only starring me instead of MOOSIE.
Congrats and thanks for the story and pictures. That's a very nice looking sheep! I like the looks of the country too.

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