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May 12, 2002
Wyoming SOON!
Well man i finally did it. I registered to your Ultimate Bulletin Board. After hearing about it at the good'ol I decided to take a look. Like what i see. You should be hearing more from me in the future on your boards.

Later man, MM
Hey MM!!!
Glad to see you came on over welcome aboard and hope to see you post often... :D :D :D
Muley_Magician, Glad to have you aboard... LOOKS like is having it's up and down days..... PULL up a stump to our Fireside and share a story. It's a good ol Group, And I think You'll recognise a few names like P-dub, T-K, DEEK KING, Pumpgun, Lost river, Paul Crawford, Ridgetop, Micheal, Mulley ASSASIN, AZ402.... AND a few others that have popped their head in... MOSt still call mm their home, BUt they haven't all learned yet ;)

ANYWAY, WELCOME aboard 'Mate. Looking foward to hearing from ya !!!!
Welcome. Much more relaxed over here! What a releif!

Hey, tried l getting onto the "other" site and keep getting script error...maybe I've been banned! hehe :eek:

Anyways, welcome to Moosie's Underground Lair!
BANNED ?~?~.... NOT unless I was too... I think He's down for a bit ?!?! MAybe fire off an Email to the "GANG" and invite them over ??!? (Always looking for a few good men "AND WOMEN" ;))

:D :D :D
:D :D :D welcome, I think you will like this board. Much more relaxed. And the jokes are great.
Sounds like a great deal to me. A laid back place is much better. I got pictures of my other turkeys down at wolly world getting the 1 hr development on a cd so you guys will soon see a few more pictures. And if you havent seen my mule deer sheds off of let me know and i'll post'em up for you guys to take a peek at.

later, MM
Hey MM, I finally registered also. Don't tell UThunting, don't want my cuz giving me a hard time. I think he's looking for paybacks, right Moosie? Anyway, it's good to see some familiar people. I just hope Strider isn't switching over anytime soon.
HAHA.. Does he know what happened ?!?! UThunting is actually registered here too... I jsut can't seem to get him to post ;)

I;'m guessing after I told Strider what I think of him he won't follow me over.... ALTHOUGH I've told 280 (Another agrivating guy) that I don't like him and he seems to have found me ;)

WELCOME aboard Mi Amigo's !! ANYONE with a good sense of humor and likes to hunt is WELCOME at our camp ANY time !!!!!!!
Yea Moos, Uthunting put 2 and 2 together and realized it was me. I didn't know he was a member here. I know he loves to hunt Idaho though. Maybe if I get back on his good side, he'll take me with.
Hey Moosie,
Im guess I'm now I'm reduced to stalking your non-calling, non-emailing, non posting butt to quiz you for some info on the good ole Idaho unit 36b. Do you have the goods, or are you just teasing me...??? Am I blacklisted??? I did send you an email with my phone # quite some time ago...


[email protected]
Ridgetop, YOU have my info via MAIL
LEmme know if that helps.....

2 tricks though, Get good maps,... and get into shape for that area. theres buck in there, but ya gott-a HIKE !!!
Thanks for the mail Moosie, You are the man! :cool:
Look forward to chattin with ya some more on the subject.

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