Moosie, you'll like this one... (pics)


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Jan 1, 2001
Sitka, AK
I thought this would fit in perfectly with the group here at Hunt Talk...

Spent the last two days at a nearby Forest Service cabin instead of working. A group of us volunteered to fill the wood shed and clean up around the place. For a couple free days off (paid of course) it sounded like a good deal.

Apperently our bosses wanted to make sure we were actually out there, so they came out to check...


...and yes we were there...


and in fine form.
Guess they weren't impressed, and decided to leave.

Oh yeah, here's just another example of how NOT to beach a boat over night...



...note the fine looking skiff in the background. :D
BW.. Just curious on the swamping of the boat? I know you have big tides up that way but the water looks pretty calm in the pics. Someone leave the plug out or what? :confused:
My buddy had beached this little boat a bit after the morning high tide. He tied a line from the bow to a log above the tide line. Knowing that there would be another high tide around 11:00PM, and that the boat would be floating, maybe swinging around hitting nearby rocks, he set his anchor off the stern with some slack to account for the rising tide.

He didn't set enough slack.

So when the tide came up the anchor line off the stern held the rear of the boat down either enough to hold the transom slightly underwater, or so close to the water than the waves filled the boat.

There's techniques to avoid this, and he messed up.
We got it floated and running again though.
BW, Cool Pics, And you're right the H.T> crew loves good Humor :D :D

Bummer on the Boat. Sucks when you have to do unnessisary work when ya already got a full plate. Looks like Big Black bears could be walknig around there... See any ?
Finally!!! I'd just about given up on ya Moosie! But, I knew you couldn't resist a bunch of guys mooning their bosses.
I still recall your picture with the TINY pot covering your family jewels. :D

Oh, that's Kruzof Island. It's actually a very cool, and fairly large island which is completely uninhabited. There's only brown bears there, and some big ones too. It rarely, if ever, get's mentioned in any hunting publications.
HEHE.. Don't give up on me bud, Jsut realize that I'm always Busy. I usually never get anything done, But I'm sure as hell Bust doing it :D :D

I'm working on Loosing my belly and doing well at it, You better hope I don't loose it or you'll see more Pan Pics hitting the Net this fall..... Or spring ;) Buuahahahah !!!!

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