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Moosie..I need my Huntalk wear


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Jan 24, 2002
I need to order a hat(blaze to make me legal) and a shirt or something.. I gotta have it for my muzz hunt so I can win the contest.. How do I get to that part of the site???? Or do you not want me to order cause you know I'll win the contest?? ha ha just kidding. Help me though!
I haven't put up a pic of the ORANGE hat yet... I'm a slacker... Someone has a picture somewere I'm sure
LOOK on the FAMILY page...

Go to and click on the SUPPORT link at the top... I know it's HIDDEN and in a CHITTY [place, BUT I've been to buisy in JAIL lifting ROCKS to update it... MAYBE I could HIRE ELKHUNTER to update my site and LB to DISTRIBUTE MErchandise.... YAHH... HEY ELKY..... WANT to make a Quick MILLION BUCKS ? :D :D

LEMME know if you don't find it.. I'll... HEY, I don't have shirts there either.... Uhhhhh HUMMMMM OK, LEMME get back to ya TONIGHT, I'll snap a QUICK CHEESEY picture.. I think I've said that before .. EH ? HAHA
Since we're ordering here, I need a blaze and white camo overshirt. Thanks Moosie.
ALL T-shirt orders come with free HUMMER ;) JUST ask WEEKEND WARRIOR for the details


I can Actually get ANYTHIGN you guys want. Just need a size and a idea
BUT send the Address and $$ to me first :cool:

DID you see the INTRO to that PAGE.... HELL I might be in Jail with some of you someday ;) HAHA
Moosie, ok sounds good. I'll check for the pic Tonight!! What have you been doing. I don't see you posting as much. ? anyways .. back to work..
BOMAN.... months of "WORK" and now taking care of other bizz.... KIDs party this weekend. DINNERS, NEXT week I'm going BAR hopping in Montanna... (Or scouting, Whichever comes first ;)) AND just plain buisy. Floated Hells canyon. GOING to SLC a the end of this month planning other chit. Spending time with the kids... BECAUSE HUNTING season is almsot here and I have over 2 weeks and ALL the weekends BOOKED... SCOUTIng and Researching hunting spotsfo the fall ...... AND.... WELL.... GETTING the wife pregnant :D With the little one due in December, We're planning life over again...

SO, Besides stuff like that, NOT much Really.. WHICH Reminds me.. I'm late for a meeting/.. .CHIT !!! Will be on later.....
Well I can't say much about the rest of the stuff other than good luck on all your hunts.. But what I can say is: CONGRATS on the little one! That is great man. Good to hear that I hope all is going well..! :cool:
LIKE CALI said... don't hold your Breath *SMILE*

I just took 2 pictures about 2 mins ago ()ith my crappy digi camera.... HERE are the basic looks.... Ho() about if you E-mail me your ADDY and I'll mail you the stuff... If you don't think It's 100% good shit... Or at least OK THEN KEEP it or thro() it a()ay and don't send me any money.. I'm OK ()ith that !!! No-one complained yet, Except that once I tried shipping once in an yello() Envelope and it got crushed... I guess ()e all live and learn eh ? I'm a janitor, not a shipper HAHA






I didn't rotate the pictures and the logo on the shirt on My T-shirt has my name... I think Elkhunter as the only one that requested one ()ith a name on it thus far...

ALSO, the Orange hat is Meshed back....

I think the stuff looks great. I sent you an email to your webmaster address.. Should I call you to get you payment or what? I won't freeload.. Oh yeah I wear a 2xl t shirt and I want my name on the shirt too. I'm gonna win.. Thanks Moosie..
BOMAN.. thank for the E-mail.... CALL me on your ()ay to Cabelas tomorro(). I'll be on the road for.. Ohhhhh about 10 hours

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