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Montana or Wyoming


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Jan 23, 2003
The misses and I are seriously considering a move "outta Dodge"
We have talked about these two states. What would be your pick, considering economy and elk hunting.
Can't go without good elkhunting, can't live without a job.
So far we are looking at Cody, Wy. But the wolves and Grizz makes me a skeptic. Don't know much about Billings or Greatfalls area???
Tell me what you think. Tim
BT- Good luck with whatever you choose. My wife and I are wanting to get outta 'Dodge' also, just haven't narrowed it down yet.
Good post I wish I could help you. Me and the wife were thinking the same thing a while back. Someone told me at the time, Cody is the best place in the world to starve to death.. It was funny but I got the point. Not much work up there. But depending on what you do it could work. If it were up to me I think I'd be in Cody..
Wamsutter???? The best thing that I have ever heard about that place is that it is the armpit of the country. Its barely an exit off the interstate.

Personally, I like Pinedale in Wyoming. Or else I'd have to choose somewhere around Grace or Thatcher Idaho.

Grace or Thacher??? I'll check into that. I'm origanaly from Idaho, so is my wife. She hates Id, and I love it.

Cody, best place in the world to starve to death...Hmmmm?
What about Anaconda, Missoula or Butt...a, I mean Butte?

What about Lander or Riverton Wy
Boise, ID is # 3 on the Forbes "Best Places for Business" list. Anyone with some talent and/or education can get a job around here. The hunting isn't so bad and it is really close to MT and WY.
Don't like Idaho ?!?!? then Move to California !!!!

YAH, I hear Anaconda Montana is a nice place. ELKCHSR could be your neighbor !!!
Missoula is heaven on earth. That is if you like the fastest part of your drive to work or wherever to be pulling out of your driveway because its so dam full of phucking californians and the roads are terrible.

The supply of dope and incense is wonderful though.
I use to deliver Fred Meyer from their warehouse in Millwaukie, OR to Missoula and other towns around the lake. White fish to Eureka. Nothing but a bunch of retired, washed out old California hippies up there now. Course, they all got money and real liberal ideas about hunting and land use. I couldn't live there.
MAybe we should ALL move to Bozeman, I'm sure we could find someone we know there
MIKE , We're MOVING IN !!!!!
Bozeman is a great town. Is the Rocking R bar still going off? Skiing Bridger bowl isn't a bad way to pass some winter days either. Not far to hike up the river into the corner of yellowstone to bath in the Hot Pots. Remember a bunch of hot naked college girls there the last time we went. But damn cold when you get out of the water.

Yep...I could live in Bozeman.

My buddy Doug lives in Bozman. He is native to Montana, hunted and fished better then 50 years there. He claims that there is no place left where you can go out and shoot. You have to know someone to get to the best hunting and fishing. Having said that, he is always wanting me to come up there and hunt white tail and goats with him. He also claims that Bozman, being a university town, is full of liberal, anti-hunting, tax and spend types. Californias have bought up all the good realestate and normal folks are movin out looking for a better place. He claims to be normal too, but selling plumbing parts when you have a degree is biology doesn't sound normal to me.
Oh yeah... If you want to live in Bozeman, be prepared for earwigs, spiders (lots of black widows), ticks, snakes and other creepy crawlies everywhere! I'm not kidding. I can't take 2 steps in my yard barefoot without squishing something really big. Every fetching tree is covered with about 10,000 worms all huddled together. You can’t walk between 2 trees without busting right through a big ass spider web with a whopper spider right in the middle. I think I swallowed one this weekend. The mosquitoes and biting flies are worse than in Alaska. I went hiking this weekend without bug spray and now I look like I have chicken pox. All the women here have herpes too.
W.W., Greeny called and told me about your Hike through the Chigger/mosquito farm. Said you guys didn't see much more then pigs / toads

Black timber, SO what are you doing for Work and were did you decide ? California ?!?!

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