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Mntman killed first elk, it had antlers?


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Nov 28, 2001
somewhere other than AZ :(
Well, I finally went and did it. Killed my first elk and it was a small bull.
A 5x3, 33" spread that was 40" length.
Here's the story and pictures later when I learn how to load them from the cd they are on.
Went up to 5B north on thursday the day b4 the season and setup camp. Hunt friday thru Sunday with my friend john and did not see any Elk:( Only saw coyote, fox, bobcat, deer, and javelina. Saw mountain lion and bear tracks.
Drove away from Grapevine and Yeager canyons and went up on the rim and saw plenty of small bulls taken by other hunters.
Took my friend home sunday night and returned by myself on monday morning. Blew out my right rear tire doing 80+ by Anthem and no one would let me off the freeway. Smoking tire forced me to push my way off the freeway to get it changed. Put on spare and went into flagstaff to buy a new tire, What a rip-off:(
Got up to the old camp and broke it down and moved it over to Marshall lake area. Did not see any elk until Tuesday night and they were very scared of people.
Wednesday morning driving around by the nat. park boundry I saw a lot of bulls and cows and deer. Saw a frigging huge bull that had almost all white anters that were larger than its body was tall. it look to be 6-7' tall in the antlers and only gave me a 1-2 second look before disappearing into the canyon. Saw about 40-50 elk that morning and no more until that night. Wednesday night, the 2nd to last day of hunting. I went to a semi-dry tank with an 8'+ birm in a dead end canyon and parked my truck around 5:20 pm. I walked up the birm and just when my head cleared the top I saw him. Standing there 50 yards away was a small bull with 3 cows. I dropped him with my 30-06 through both shoulders and then ran up to him and finished him with a shot to the back of his neck. All the time those cows were 20 yards away and did not move until I fired my 2nd shot. I dressed it out in 1hr 15 minutes and had it in my truck. I had to drive up over the 8' birm to get in to him. High centered my truck almost and got him back to camp about 8 pm and started skinning right away.
Got done about 9 pm and need to get some better knives:(
He weighed out at 299 completely cleaned, no hoofs, head or anything else.
I took him into the butcher the next morning around 8 am.
The weather was around 15-50 during the day and warmed up for the last day of my hunt up to 65, with a low of only 25.
Thanks to the two G&F people who directed me to the area by marshall lake where I found this bull.
Pictures willl come soon I promise.
Glad to see moosie scored a dink also, makes mine look really small. But, I'm happy for him
Congratulations, Mtnman! Sounds like you enjoyed the hunt. Looking forward to the pictures.

KUDOS !!! Don't let my LUCKY elk stop you from hossting pics... I want to see some DEAD CHIT !!!

No idea about why the high birm was there for no water was around.
I will post some pictures when I figure out how.
Will try scanning some tomorrow and see if that works.
Will add them to another post so everyone willknow to look there.
Good Job Mtn man!!!! Sorry about the name mix up. I changed mine to pa mtn man. Our first elk are about the same size too. 5x4 31 inch spread 31 inch long. Congrad's again.Don
PA MT Man,
Thanks for the info on your elk. Sounds like it was a beauty as well. Congrats on taking such a fine beast.
Hopefully now people will be able to tell us apart, but you know how mountainmen are, we all look the same to city slickers.
aka: Allen

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